Where to Get Holes Drilled in Bowling Ball

Customizing a bowling ball is far better than purchasing a pre-drilled bowling ball. The bowler has started to understand the facts; hence, they’re leaning toward customizing their ball instead of using the pre-drilled ones. But where to get the bowling ball drilled? Before you drill your bowling ball permanently, you must clear the fact. Finger inserts on a bowling ball affect your bowling game’s performance. The bowlers always desire to get the maximum reaction from a bowling ball. A good response to a bowling ball depends on the bowling technique you apply, besides the other things. And undoubtedly, you can learn and apply the latest bowling technique when you get a proper grip on the ball. Ultimately, the right grip on the bowling ball depends on its placement of holes. Customized bowling holes allow the bowlers to get a proper grip on their bowling ball instead of the pre-drilled ball. So, we’ll discuss where to get holes drilled in bowling ball and different drilling services.

Where to Get Holes Drilled in Bowling Ball

Where to Get Holes Drilled in Bowling Ball?

Deep hole drilling allows the bowlers to get a conventional grip on their bowling balls. The holes must be deep enough to take your finger and thumb within a few seconds. But where to get the bowling ball drilled? Before you drill your bowling ball, think for a few seconds about the drilling position. Place your finger onto your undrilled bowling ball. Consider the convenient placement of your finger onto the ball and mark on the ball around each finger. Regardless you can also use the compass or calipers to measure your fingertip and thumbs out. Keep the holes 1/8 inch smaller than your fingertip grip while drilling the bowling ball according to the measurement of a fingertip.

However, if you’re confused about drilling the holes on the ball for yourself, seek the help of a professional drilling service. Go to your nearest pro shop and ask them to drill your ball deeply to insert and bring out your fingers easily. The holes will be on the first knuckle joint of your bowling ball. Allow the professional ball driller to measure the distance between your finger and hands before drilling the ball. This will help them know where they should place the holes on the bowling ball and how deep the holes will be!

What Are the Different Types of Bowling Ball Drilling Services?

Different bowling drilling services have individual features; some are costlier, and some are inexpensive. If you want to get customized Drilling into your ball, you must learn all those services. Who knows, you might get succeeded in drilling the bowling ball conveniently at a low price.

Professional Drilling Service

Professional drilling service with lots of experience quickly understands where to drill your bowling ball. They have all the required equipment for drilling the ball precisely and expertise in measuring your thumbs and fingertip. Thus, the professional drilling service saves your expenses and time, although they offer slightly costlier services.

Custom Drillings Service

The advanced bowlers want to drill their own bowling balls with a custom fit. Unlike novice bowlers, they better know what will be the convenient holes in their bowling ball. The custom drilling services offer customized holes onto the ball according to the bowler’s instruction and demand. The expenses for the custom drilling service of bowling ball range from $30 to $45.

Standard Drilling Service

The standard drilling services use the average fingertip and hole sizes, especially for recreational bowlers. There’s no chance in the standard Drilling for installing your finger to measure the hole’s depth and dimension. However, the costs for the services are almost low compared to customized and professional Drilling.


How Much does Drilling A Bowling Ball cost?

Drilling a bowling ball usually ranges from $30 to $50, excluding the price of the bowling ball. Depending on the types of drilling service, you might get succeeded in drilling your ball at more inexpensive costs.

How Long Does It Take A Pro Shop To Drill A Bowling Ball?

An experienced pro shop shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to drill the bowling ball. Nevertheless, if you provide customized instruction when drilling the ball, that will take up some time. Still, the time shouldn’t be more than 45 to 1 hour.

How Many Holes Needed to Drill the Bowling Ball?

You can drill up to 12 holes into a ten-pin bowling ball. Here, the fingers and thumbs are allowed to insert into each hole to get a grip on the ball.

Can I Get My Bowling Ball Re-drilled?

Re-drilling the layouts change the performance and reaction of the bowling ball. Besides, Re-drilling the bowling ball’s layout is also costlier and time-consuming. So, you must drop the idea if you’re thinking of plugging or re-drilling your bowling ball. Instead, make your first Drilling carefully onto the ball to avoid any sorts of mistakes. Seek the help of experienced pro-shop or bowlers for customized Drilling on the ball.

The Sum Up!

The drilling layout affects the performance and motion of a bowling ball; hence, you must consider where to get the bowling ball drilled before starting the drilling process. Customized Drilling causes more expenses than purchasing a pre-drilled bowling ball. But, customized Drilling is more effective for ensuring maximum bowling reaction than pre-drilling.