Spherical vs Cylindrical Goggles

Ski goggles are one of the most vital elements that you will need to conduct your skiing journey safely. In recent years, these types of safety gears have improved a lot. Now, you will get different varieties of goggles for skiing. Each is appropriate for some specific conditions and locations. If we consider the shape of the lens, ski goggles are divided into two variations, spherical and cylindrical. According to the functions and performance, they are quite different. Are you trying to figure out the best one between Spherical vs Cylindrical Goggles? If the answer is yes, this article will be very helpful to you. Here, we will compare both goggles and try to find the best one for skiing. So, read on to know more.

Spherical vs Cylindrical Goggles

Spherical Goggles

Spherical goggles are round-shaped goggles that slightly look like bubbles. It is curved both horizontally and vertically to create this appearance and improve the visibility of its user. For having this shape, spherical goggles provide a wider view. If you compare it with flat goggles, you will notice much-improved visibility. Besides, spherical goggles perform much better in reducing glare and distortion than other flat lenses. In addition, you will get better at avoiding fog with these goggles.

Spherical goggles have the best air circulation system, which can easily reduce the chances of fogging. On the other hand, if you think about insulation, spherical lenses provide the best insulation for cold. Cold is a big issue when you are skiing on the slope of a mountain. Generally, you will get frigid air there in which it is too difficult for your eyes to see the object perfectly without proper insulation. Spherical goggles can protect your eyes from that bone-chilling wind.

Cylindrical Goggles

Cylindrical goggles are entry-level flat-shaped goggles with some basic features. These goggles are also curved but only horizontally. Vertically, it’s flat, for which it is also called “flat goggles.” Cylindrical lenses were very popular before the introduction of spherical lenses. You will get slightly distorted views and less sun glare protection in these lenses. So the overall experience may not be good in this modern era. The price of these lenses is very affordable and lower than the spherical lens, but it’s not that useful. You have to face many risks wearing these goggles when skiing on the mountain slope.

Spherical vs Cylindrical Goggles – Which one is Best for Skiing?

We have given all the required information on both spherical and cylindrical goggles. Now let’s compare these lenses based on some important factors of skiing and find out the best shape goggles for skiing:


Spherical lenses provide much better visibility than cylindrical lenses as they are rounded both vertically and horizontally. You will get wider views in spherical lenses, which is very important in skiing. Besides, in cylindrical lenses, you may get slightly distorted views, but in the case of spherical lenses, you will get a completely clear view.


Spherical lenses can fully protect your eyes from all outside elements. But if you use cylindrical lenses, there may be some risks as they can’t fully resist the sun glare. A spherical lens only allows a fair amount of light through the eyes. Besides, it also offers better UV protection than cylindrical lenses.


If we consider comfort, you will also get the best performance from spherical lenses. Spherical goggles have more space for the face so that skiers can use them comfortably. On the contrary, cylindrical lenses have only a small volume.

Fogging Issues

Fog is a great issue when you are skiing on a mountain slope. With excessive fog, it will be difficult for you to see the object in front of you clearly. In a spherical lens, there is an improved ventilation system for which you will face fewer fog issues. The cylindrical lens doesn’t have a good ventilation system. So fog disturbs you a lot when you are skiing wearing it.


Spherical lenses are more expensive than cylindrical lenses. However, spherical goggles provide many features, so we can say the cost is worth it.

In a Nutshell

After all these comparisons, we can say that spherical goggles are the best skiing option. Cylindrical goggles offer only a few entry-level benefits to their user, but spherical lens provides all the modern features that skiers need now. So, here, we are suggesting spherical goggles for your skiing journey. In this article, we have given all the necessary information about spherical and cylindrical goggles. If you read this article thoroughly, you will also agree with us. However, if you have another opinion or any confusion regarding this topic, let us know in the comment section.