Smith vs Oakley Goggles

Skiing can be a good choice when planning an outing in the winter. For the best experience, you should choose some gears that ensure comfort and safety. Luckily, in this modern technology era, you will get many advanced sports gears that meet all of your needs. Here, if we talk about eye gears, two major companies dominate the whole market, Smith, and Oakley. Both offer some innovative and attractive key features with different models. In this blog, we will compare these two companies’ goggles and find out the best one for skiing. Read this article if you are interested to know about Smith vs Oakley Goggles

Smith vs Oakley Goggles

Smith Ski Goggles

Smith Optics first started its ski goggles journey in 1965 by Avid skier Robert Smith. He was an outdoor enthusiast and the first pioneer of winter sportswear. Day by day, Smith Optics tried to do better technology with advanced sports gears. Though smith goggles are slightly expensive, you will get everything you need for your safety and the best experience in skiing. They offer the best performance, protection, and styles you want, even in the harshest conditions on the mountain slope.

Key Features

Smith goggles provide a huge number of features for the skiers. Among those, some key features are as follows:

  • Protection with a purpose: Smith goggles provide the ultimate protection by giving a lifetime warranty plan.
  • Fog-free vision: When you are using goggles in skiing, one of the most common problems you will face is fog. Smith goggles offer anti-fogging features which it will prevent lens fogging.
  • Turbofan: Smith goggles also provide a micro fan operated by the battery. It can run all day and maintain moisture and airflow while on the mountain slope. This turbofan increases the comfort at a significant level in skiing.
  • Ventilation: These goggles have an improved ventilation system by which you will get the best airflow. Besides,it has breathable foam membranes and an anti-fog coating to improve its performance.
  • Regulator: Here, you will get a regulator for controlling the ventilation system and airflow. You can open this adjustable regulator to have fresh and dry air and can close it when you don’t need the air.
  • Vaporate lens technology: It is an advanced technology used in Smith goggles to deal with fogging issues. In this technology, you will get a micro porous filter that allows the lens to be adjusted in different conditions and altitudes and prevents moisture from reaching the lens chamber.
  • Thermal lens: Smith goggles are made from two single lenses bonded together. Through this process, a thermal barrier is created to keep the inner lens dry and warm and resist the cold.

Oakley Ski Goggles

Oakley has been manufacturing ski goggles for the last 42 years. This company was established by James Jannard, whose first product was a motorcycle grip. After five years of establishment, they started making sports eye gear, especially goggles. Now this company produces the highest standard ski goggles as they are built to US Military Standards. To maintain this standard, they need to qualify for a rigorous durability check. That’s why we can say that Oakley goggles are one of the best you will find nowadays in the whole world.

Key Features

Oakley goggles also offer many excellent key features. You will get almost all the features you need. Some key features of these goggles are given below:

  • Anti-fog technology: Oakley goggles also provide anti-fogging features through three different methods- anti-fog treatment, lens venting, and double lenses. These three methods ensure that you will not be disturbed by fog when you are skiing.
  • Comfort: They use soft layered face foam and adjustable straps. So, even after wearing it for a day long, you will not feel uncomfortable.
  • Urethane Goggles Frame: Oakley goggles are made from an unbelievably durable urethane frame.
  • Layered Face Foam: In these goggles, a three-layered face foam offers the highest softness to your face.
  • Adjustable Straps: Straps are important for goggles as they hold the goggle against the face. Oakley goggles provide adjustable straps that ensure comfort when you are on the mountain slope.

Final Verdict of Smith vs Oakley Goggles

Smith and Oakley are excellent goggles and provide all the features you need. If you choose any of these goggles, you can be sure that you are secure and get the best experience in your skiing journey. Both are the best of the best. But, in a certain area, Smith goggles are slightly less facilitating. In Oakley goggles, you will get a small space for using prescription glasses. If you wear prescription glasses, you should go for the Oakley goggles. However, in all other areas, you will get the best performance from both of those. Happy skiing!