Ski Goggles vs Sunglasses

When skiing on mountain slopes, certain gears are essential for your safety and performance. Ski goggles and sunglasses are one of those gear. These eye gears protect our eyes from the different outside elements and serious injuries. Besides, both of these gears have some advantages and disadvantages. Ski goggles vs sunglasses; which one to choose? For this reason, here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ski goggles and ski sunglass, and then try to find the best one between them. 

ski goggles vs sunglasses

What are Ski Goggles?

Ski goggles, also called snow goggles, are the most popular eyewear specially made for skiing. It provides the ultimate safety of your eyes from frigid wind, snow, rock, and other elements when skiing. In skiing, you may face different types of accidents or crashes on the slope of the mountain. That is why skiers use many safety gears to prevent physical damage. As the eyes are one of the most sensitive body parts, it also needs higher safety. Considering these issues, ski goggles are made. It provides the highest safety for your eyes. It can actually take a huge amount of pressure. Ski goggles keep your eyes secure from that pressure when any accident occurs. For all these benefits, ski goggles are the most popular eyewear for skiers.

Advantages of Ski Goggles

There are a huge number of advantages of ski goggles. The most significant advantages are given below:

  • Reduce glare: Ski goggles perfectly reduce the excessive sun glare through their lens. It allows only a fair amount of light through the lens to the eyes. That is why you can perfectly see everything, even skiing on an excessively sunny day.
  • Eye injury protection: Ski goggles protect your eyes from harmful elements when skiing on a mountain slope. Any accidents or crashes can happen at any time in skiing. At that time, it will protect your eyes from rocks, trees, or any other objects you will hit or be hit.  
  • Eye comfort: In the frigid wind of the mountain, your eyes will definitely not be able to see everything without goggles. You may even face a bunch of snow in your eyelashes, and that cold air can cause your eyes to water. So, ski goggles are inevitable in skiing to comfortably see objects. Besides, ski goggles are perfectly adjusted by the strips on your face; there is no chance of losing. You will feel very comfortable after wearing this.  
  • UV Protection: Almost all ski goggles are UV protected. UV rays from the sun harm our skin and eyes in many ways. If you wear these goggles, you will be 100% UV protected even on a full bright sunny day.
  • Protection from cold: Cold is the biggest fear faced by skiers on the mountain slope. Eyes are too sensitive to survive and perfectly perform in the excessive cold on the mountain. Here, ski goggle provides full insulation for the eyes and a part of your face by which you can easily get the best experience of your skiing journey. 

Disadvantages of Ski Goggles

There are also a few disadvantages of ski goggles. Though it’s nothing extreme, let’s check it out:

  • Fogging Problem: Normally, ski goggles are completely sealed on your face. If not a perfect ventilation system, skiers may face fogging problems in some goggles. However, this problem has been solved in the updated ski goggles recently.
  • Difficult to Remove:  For better fitting, ski goggles need to be tightly adjusted against the face by the strips. In the case of removing this, it can seem not easy to some people, especially beginners. When you are used to wearing and removing it, it will be easier for you.

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What are Sunglasses?

Ski sunglasses are slightly different from the typical ones we use daily as a part of our fashion. It’s wider and much more hardy than regular glasses. These sunglasses are essentially UV protected, and lenses are improved to protect against excessive sun glare on the mountain slope. You will get different varieties of lenses for these sunglasses, which are very easy to find and install.

Advantages of Sunglasses

Like goggles, ski sunglasses also offer some benefits. Now let’s see all the advantages of ski sunglasses:

  • Lightweight: The most important advantage a ski sunglass user gets is that it’s very lightweight. You can carry this anywhere very easily. 
  • No Fog issues: As it is not fully sealed, you will not face any fogging problems using this in skiing.
  • Easy to remove: It’s easy to put on the ski sunglasses and, simultaneously, easier to remove. There’s no complexity here.

Disadvantages of Sunglasses

Ski sunglasses have many significant disadvantages, which most skiers avoid using them. The most significant disadvantages of sunglasses are as follows:

  • Less protection: It will not give you much protection compared to ski goggles. It’s not so hard to protect your eyes from injuries in crashes. Besides, as it is not fully sealed, you will not get even protection from the cold by using it when you are skiing.
  • Uncomfortable: It’s uncomfortable to wear when skiing at 50 to 100 mph speed on the mountain slope. You will feel like the sunglasses are being loosened.
  • Less coverage: You will not get that panoramic view from sunglasses. Even in some sunglasses, you will face some blockage to see left and right.

Final Verdict of Ski goggles vs Sunglasses

Ski goggles and sunglasses both save many interesting features and benefits. Here we have discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of both eye gears. If you have read it, you will also agree that ski goggles are much better than sunglasses for skiing. Though in some good weather, you can use this because it’s too comfortable and lightweight to wear and carry, for long-time usage and professional skiing, the best choice is ski goggles.