Rhino Vs Twist Bowling Ball

Practicing the bowling game needs several types of bowling balls, depending on your expertise level. You can start your practice with a plastic or spare ball when you’re a complete novice player. But with the gradual improvement of expertise, you must want to step forward to the heavier and pro-level balls. Rhino and twist are two popular types of bowling balls suitable for entry-level bowlers. You can’t compete with Rhino Vs Twist bowling ball, as hardly a difference is found between them. But, it’s compulsory to choose a suitable bowling ball when stepping from one skill level. That’s why when you found to entry-level bowling ball – Rhino Vs. Twist, it becomes compulsory to differentiate them. Only then can you decide which bowling ball matches your expert level.

Rhino Vs Twist Bowling Ball

Rhino Vs Twist Bowling Ball – The Difference Between Those Bowling Balls

Both the Rhino and Twist are entry-level bowling balls that use the same Coverstock. Nevertheless, the twist bowling balls are preferable for the all-aged bowling ball player, whereas the Rhinos are preferable to the grown-aged entry-level bowlers. Whilst comparing those bowling balls, you’ll not get huge differences between the Rhino and Twist bowling. Still, they’ve some noticeable differences, so we’ll differentiate between the two entry-level bowling balls – Rhino Vs. Twist bowling ball.
Differencing FactorsRhino Bowling BallTwist Bowling Ball
Reaction to The Lane ConditionThe Rhino Bowling ball doesn’t react much to the oily and dry bowling ball.The twist bowling ball maintains a strong and controllable reaction in the drier lane.
StrengthThe core of the Rhino ball is comparatively stronger than the twist bowling ball.The core of the twist bowling ball is weaker than the Rhino ball.
Speed and Hook DeliveringThe Rhino ball delivers a decent amount of speed and hooks.The twist bowling ball is a low-speed bowling ball; hence, it can’t move faster like Rhino.
SuitabilityThe Rhino ball isn’t suitable for the player having almost no idea about the bowling ball.Twist bowling balls are a suitable choice for all skilled and aged bowlers.
Hooks AmountThe Rhino ball hooks significantly faster.Hardly, the twist ball can create hooks like the Rhino balls.
PreferabilityThe Rhino balls are mainly suitable for one-handed bowling ball.The Twist bowling balls are suitable for both one and two-handed bowlers. That’s because the ball allows the bowler to play straight.
Practice and expertise levelCreating hook and speed with the Rhino doesn’t need much practice and expertise like the twist bowling ball.It needs practice and skill to create the speed and basic hook with the Twist bowling ball.

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The Sum Up!

Comparatively, bowling with the twist bowling balls is much easier than the Rhino balls. The Twist bowling ball moves straightly, so any bowler with primary expertise can play with the bowling ball. However, both the twist and Rhino are entry-level bowling balls; but when a bowler moves from starter to intermediate level, they prefer to choose Rhino bowling balls most. Hopefully, it’s no tougher to differentiate the Rhino Vs twist bowling ball, right?