How to Shoot in Netball

Shooting is a critical skill in the game of netball. It requires precision, technique, and mental focus. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an experienced player looking to refine your shooting skills, this comprehensive guide will help you improve your shooting game and score more goals on the netball court.


The Basics of Shooting in Netball

Before delving into advanced shooting techniques, it’s essential to understand the basic principles of shooting in netball. When shooting for goal, the key elements to focus on are:

  • Footwork: Ensuring proper foot positioning and balance before taking the shot.
  • Shooting Technique: Executing a consistent and accurate shooting motion.
  • Shot Selection: Knowing when to shoot from different areas of the court.
  • Mental Focus: Maintaining concentration and composure under pressure.

Developing Your Shooting Technique

A successful shot in netball requires a combination of technique, accuracy, and muscle memory. Here are some fundamental tips to improve your shooting technique:

Tip Description
1. Perfect Your Stance Position your feet shoulder-width apart, with your non-shooting foot slightly ahead of the other. This provides a balanced and stable base for your shot.
2. Hand Placement Hold the ball with your shooting hand under the ball for support and control, while your non-shooting hand provides guidance and balance.
3. Focus on the Goal Keep your eyes on the goal throughout the shooting motion to maintain accuracy and precision.
4. Follow Through After releasing the ball, follow through with your shooting hand towards the goal to ensure a smooth and controlled shot.

Regular practice and repetition of these fundamental techniques will help you develop muscle memory and consistency in your shooting motion.

Shot Selection and Court Positioning

Understanding when and where to take your shots on the netball court is crucial for maximizing your scoring opportunities. Consider the following factors when selecting your shots:

  • Distance from Goal: Different shooting techniques and strategies are required based on your proximity to the goal post.
  • Defensive Pressure: Adapt your shooting style based on the defensive pressure from opponents to maintain accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Teammate Positioning: Be aware of your teammates’ positions to make strategic passes or take the shot based on the game situation.

By understanding these factors and being mindful of your court positioning, you can make informed decisions when shooting for goal and increase your shooting success rate.

Mental Preparation and Focus

Shooting in netball isn’t just about physical technique—it also requires mental fortitude and focus. Here are some tips for improving your mental approach to shooting:

  • Visualisation: Mentally rehearse successful shooting scenarios and visualize yourself scoring goals with confidence.
  • Positive Self-Talk: Develop a positive internal dialogue and affirmations to boost your confidence before taking a shot.
  • Resilience: Maintain composure and resilience, especially when facing defensive pressure or after missing a shot.

By cultivating a strong mental game, you can enhance your shooting performance and maintain consistency in high-pressure situations during matches.

Seeking Professional Coaching and Practice

Improving your shooting skills in netball requires dedication and practice. Consider seeking guidance from experienced coaches or participating in shooting-focused training sessions to receive expert feedback and drills tailored to your individual needs.

Regular practice, both individually and with your team, is essential for honing your shooting abilities and developing a confident and reliable shooting style.


How To Improve Shooting Accuracy In Netball?

To improve shooting accuracy in netball, focus on your body alignment and practice shooting drills.

What Are The Key Techniques For Shooting In Netball?

The key techniques for shooting in netball include proper footwork, strong wrist action, and maintaining focus.

Why Is Footwork Important In Netball Shooting?

Footwork is crucial in netball shooting as it provides balance and power for a successful shot.

What Type Of Shots Should Netball Shooters Practice?

Netball shooters should practice both long-range shots and close-range shots to be versatile on the court.


Mastering the art of shooting in netball is a continuous journey that involves refining your technique, understanding game dynamics, and strengthening your mental resilience. With consistent practice, attention to detail, and a strategic approach to shooting, you can become a proficient and impactful shooter on the netball court.

Remember, every missed shot is an opportunity to learn and improve. Embrace the challenge, stay focused, and keep shooting for success!