Do You Need Goggles to Ski

Skiing can be very dangerous if you don’t wear safety gear. Ski goggles are one of those gears that ensure your safety from flying snow, cold wind, UV rays, etc. It enhances visibility which is very important when you are on a mountain slope. All experienced skiers know the necessity of ski goggles. But, many people, especially beginners, try to understand that, do they really need goggles to ski? The answer is an absolute yes. You must wear goggles to ski if you want to get the best experience. There are many reasons behind this. In this article, let’s find out why you need these accessories to ski.

Do You Need Goggles to Ski

Why Do You Need Goggles to Ski?

Goggles play an important part in protecting yourself from danger in skiing and making your experience more enjoyable. It is almost inevitable to wear goggles to ski except for some good weather like a sunny spring day. Truly speaking, wearing ski goggles is a smart choice. If we compare it with sunglass, it offers much more than sunglass. However, there are many reasons why we are saying that are really necessary. These reasons are as follows:

To Protect Your Eyes From Injuries

Your eyes can be injured in various ways while you’re skiing – for example, being hit by another snowboarder or skier, hitting a tree, rock, or another person, too much sunlight, etc. Also, you may encounter many unexpected situations that seriously damage your eyes while skiing. This can protect you from all the injuries caused by falling, crashing, and other unpredictable conditions. Ski goggles have the capability to survive in these situations. So, you can freely rely on it.

To Reduce Sun Glare

Sun glare is one of the biggest fears that skiers face. On a bright sunny day, it reduces visibility and damages your eyes. Goggles can save you from excessive sun glare and give you proper visibility. When you are on a ski slope, you must perfectly see what’s in front of you. Excessive sun glare resists your eyes from seeing the objects perfectly. If you wear a ski goggle with a dark lens tint at that time, it will minimize the reflected glare and allow you to see everything clearly.

To Protect from UV Rays

We all know that UV rays are very harmful to our skin and eyes. It causes short and long-time damage to the eyes. Wearing ski goggles fully protects you from the UV rays of the sun. For your information, some sunglasses also provide UV protection, but they can’t cover the eyes fully as it is not sealed around the eyes like goggles. So, if you consider UV protection, goggles are much better than sunglasses. Besides, sun exposure can cause dark circles under the eyes. Ski goggles also cover the skin around the eyes. So, it will also protect you from some skin problems as well.

It Provides a Better View

When you wear sunglasses, it covers only a portion of your face and blocks an area beside the eyes. However, in ski goggles, there is no blockage. It provides you with a panoramic view that will allow you to see the full 180 degrees in front of you. You don’t even have to turn your head to the right or left to see. Ski goggles allow you to see in front of your 180 degrees by just turning your eyeballs. Besides, when you are on the mountain, you need perfect contrast to see the dips in the slope. Ski goggles provide you with improved contrast between the object and shadow and allow you to see everything clearer.

It Offers Better Fittings

It’s easy to lose sunglasses when you’re skiing. But on most ski goggles, you’ll find an adjustable strap that holds the goggles tightly to your face. Also, some goggles can fit helmets. So, overall, you will get a better fitting. You won’t feel the glasses coming loose.

It Provides Insulation

In skiing, you need to deal with the frigid mountain air. This protects your face from this extreme cold and allows you to enjoy your skiing perfectly. Besides, this insulation is also needed for perfect vision. In this frigid mountain air, eyes and face are not comfortable. You will find a bunch of snow on your eyelashes, and this wind also causes your eyes to water. So, to get this insulation, you need goggles to ski.

It Enables Fog Protections

Fog is also a big problem faced by skiers. It reduces visibility, and you can’t perfectly see outside. Now, ski goggles provide fog protection with anti-fog coatings. Some goggles are built with anti-fog. Using this will perfectly save you from the fog.

Wrapping Up

Safety is always first when you are on a mountain. Investing in a pair of ski goggles is a wise decision as it offers many benefits and keeps you secure in many adverse situations. It may seem excessive to some people. In this article, we have discussed the reasons why you need goggles to ski. After reading it, you will also be agreed that, yes, you need it to ski.