Bowling Ball Motion Chart

Now, let’s discuss the types of bowling ball motion in in-depth detail. Traction (Earliest) The bowling ball with the aggressive Coverstock provides early and more traction to your bowling ball. And, the bowling ball having good traction is advantageous for the heavy and long oil lane pattern. Honestly, the traction provides more hook to your bowling ball, particularly in the oilier lane … Read more

14 Pound Bowling Ball Vs 15 Pound

How Much Does the Average Bowling Ball Weigh? A Bowling ball is a game for everyone regardless of caste, gender, and age. Even a small kid can play the game if he’s physically strong. But, how can a kid carry a 16-pound ball – when you’re searching, you’ll get a different answer. The average size of the bowling ball weighs from 6 … Read more

How to Spin a Bowling Ball

Keep Your Arm and Wrist Straight It is very basic but essential to keep your arm and wrist in a straight direction while you are in a position to release the ball. Releasing the straight ball additionally gives an even spin to move the bowling ball forward. Though nobody could maintain the same body position throughout the whole race, body rotation and … Read more

How to release bowling ball

In our previous article, we have known about the spin of a bowling ball, about the better gripping of the ball type, and much more thing. We also have known how we need to stand with our effective body approach. Though we always emphasize the spin of the bowling ball, the fact is- if we don’t know how to release the bowling … Read more

What basic equipment is needed for bowling

Bowling now becomes more than an as usual sport. Whether for casual purpose or professional competition-in both cases this sports has conquered the heart of all ages people. You also want to get a taste of the sweetness of this incredible game, so first, you have to know all the basic requirements of this sport. You might saw this game several times … Read more

What Are Bowling Balls Made Of

If you want to step up in your bowling game, you must learn about your bowling balls. Unless you learn the material and mechanics of the tool you are working with, you cannot accentuate its full potential from it. If you understand the ball’s material and structure, you can predict the ball’s motion, speed, spinning power, etc. and you can get the … Read more