Best Urethane Bowling Ball

The right urethane bowling ball gives a fascinating performance. So, if you want a great experience in bowling, you must own a urethane ball. Generating the hook and decisive strike becomes easy when purchasing the urethane bowling ball for the hook. Several types of urethanes perform differently according to bowling lane conditions. So, you should select the one that can meet all of your needs. But unfortunately, it’s harder to choose the best Urethane bowling balls from several options. Importantly, it becomes more difficult when you’ve no proper knowledge of the bowling ball. Well, you can remark several Urethane bowling balls as the best bowling balls. Keep on reading to learn about those balls and choose the best one.

Best Urethane Bowling Ball

Reviews of 8 Best Urethane Bowling Balls in 2022

If you’re looking for a high-quality Urethane bowling ball, choose your bowling ball from our top picks. Here we have picked some great balls for making hooking easier. Let’s get started!

1. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane

When it comes to powerful bowling balls, Hammer is always on the list. This one is Hammer’s Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball. It has a deep purple hue to it that looks incredible. Moreover, the pearl urethane cover stock gives a semi-matte finish to it. Back in the day, this ball was popular for its light bulb core. However, this modified version has an LED core which gives even higher performance. This ball rolls smoothly on light to medium oil lanes and creates curves beautifully.


  • It has excellent hooking potential
  • It has high performing LED core
  • The ball offers great control


  • It skids in heavy oil

2. Hammer Black Widow

Another great urethane ball from Hammer is this Black Widow 2.0 bowling ball. If you loved the original ones, you would surely love this upgrade as it gives more power. This gives a dark and moody vibe and surely will turn some heads in the bowling alley. Apart from looks, this ball works wonders on lanes. It is more suitable for medium to heavy oil lanes. This ball has a gas mask core like the original, while the cover stock has improved. The carbon fiber core ensures durability. Moreover, combined with the core and cover stock, this bowling ball can gain immense power and hit really hard at the backend of the lane.


  • The ball performs really well in medium to heavy oil lanes
  • It draws power at the backend and hits hard
  • Easy to control and strike


  • The ball is prone to chipping

3. Hammer Black Widow Pink Pearl Urethane

This ball is the pink version of the famous Black Widow Pearl Urethane bowling ball from Hammer. It gives extreme power like the other Black Widows but comes in vibrant color. The core of the ball is a Gas Mask core with carbon fiber filling. Above that, the urethane cover stock works smooth as butter in a medium to heavy oil lanes. The ball comes with different weight options, and all are equally well-performing. This ball has amazing hooking power. With enough skill, you can create sharp curves with this ball and hit the pocket with maximum speed.


  • Performs really well like the original Black Widow
  • Perfect for medium to heavy oil lanes
  • It has incredible hooking power


  • Not a preferable color for everyone

4. Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane

This ball is a unique one out of the bunch. When most lanes are synthetic these days, and bowling balls are mostly made for those lanes, there are still some wooden lanes out there. This bowling ball is for those bowlers who play in the wood lanes. This has a capacitor core, and it is perfect for bowlers who prefer higher rev and slower speed. It rolls smoothly in the toughest condition of lanes. The solid urethane cover stock ensures smooth motion throughout the lane.


  • It has several weight options
  • This ball is for wooden lanes
  • Rolls smoothly and slowly


  • Not suitable for synthetic lanes
  • Not so easy to control

5. Storm Fast Pitch

It is always necessary for bowling balls to have extreme speed and immense power to hit pins. Sometimes, bowlers need slow throws to strike or to hit spares. This ball from Storm is exactly catered for those types of situations. This ball might be slow, and it has precision and great control. Moreover, this ball has Storm’s signature coreless technology. It has inverted Fe2 technology, which makes it suitable for many occasions. This Fast Pitch bowling ball is also strong to endure difficult lanes. You can smoothly throw this ball in the driest of lanes.


  • It has great precision and control
  • It has inverted core technology
  • Perfect ball for dry lanes


  • It does not have fast motion

6. Storm Pitch Purple

The next on our list is a vibrant purple-colored bowling ball from the brand Storm. This ball is great for those who want high rev but slow motion. It has the tried and true capacitor core. The core works wonders when it comes to motion. This ball gives you precision and predictability. You can use this amazing ball as a spare ball. It is another ball that can take harsh lane conditions. You can smoothly throw this ball and hit pins even in the driest lanes. It gives the backend motion that most bowlers expect from Storm.


  • Symmetrical capacitor core
  • Incredibly backend motion
  • Rolls well on dry lanes


  • Not suitable for advanced bowlers

7. Storm Mix Urethane

This ball from Storm has an attractive look and works great as a spare ball. It comes in different colors and hues. This ball is made more for recreational bowlers who want good performance at a reasonable price point. It can also be a great option for new bowlers. However, it is a great option for a spare ball for professionals. This ball has the traditional 3-piece core, which increases the predictability of the ball. The ball rolls with consistent power and moves in a straight motion.


  • A great recreational bowling ball
  • The core provides predictability
  • It also good as a spare ball


  • It tends to get scratches

8. Motiv Tank Purple

The Tank is a premier bowling ball from the brand Motiv. The deep purple solid urethane cover stock provides control and traction on the lanes. This ball is suitable for light oil lanes. This cover stock of Motiv has been developed from their prior MicroCell Polymer technology. However, the upgraded one has better traction and a lot more control. It gives an early hook. Moreover, this bowling ball has a Flux core which makes it perfect for straighter throws.


  • Latest technology used for the urethane cover stock
  • This ball provides great control and precision
  • It provides better traction on dry lanes


  • It has early hooks

What Are Urethane Bowling Balls?

Simply, the Urethane is that bowling ball that includes the durable Urethane coverstock and generates numerous frictions. Although the ball looks like a plastic ball, nevertheless, it ensures a greater hook than the potential plastic ball. Since the 70s, the Urethane ball has been one of the best choices for bowling players. Especially when you’re an intermediate and starter player, you’ll get the ball more convenient to hook. Unlike plastic balls, Urethane is a non-brittle and versatile material. The ball performs tremendously better on the dry lane than the plastic bowling ball. Both the reactive resin and the urethane ball are excellent in generating hooks. But compared to the resin, the urethane balls ensure a good controllable and more predictable grip. That’s because, unlike the reactive resin, these balls take a straight and gradual path to hit the pin.

What to Consider When Buying a Urethane Bowling Ball?

You cannot choose anything randomly without proper research, no matter which product you’re purchasing. The thing is also the same in the case of a bowling ball. How do you choose the urethane bowling ball that suits you most without necessary research? Of course! It’s impossible to get a quality ball if you don’t consider purchasing the Urethane bowling ball. So, here we’ve concluded the critical feature that you must look at properly to get the most delicate Urethane bowling ball.

1. Core Types of The Urethane

The core is an essential part of the bowling ball that creates significant differences in making the leagues. Based on what types of players you’re, the core types of bowling balls will vary. For example, if you’re a beginner, you’ll need a standard pancake core ball to get a familiar bowling experience. Conversely, symmetric or asymmetric cores are a good option for the all-skilled bowler. That’s because it offers versatile drilling options to make a strike with their bowling ball. When it comes to customizing the bowling ball, symmetric cores make it easy to drill. However, you don’t have to be an expert or acquire an extreme skill to play with the symmetric core ball. So, make sure the bowling ball you have chosen includes the symmetric core.

2. The Look and Style of The Ball

The bowling ball’s look and style attract players to play with the ball. That’s why, when purchasing a bowling ball, you must choose a bowling ball with a classic look and style. Regardless, you must prefer a ball with an excellent finish. Indeed, the high gloss finish holds a bowling ball’s stylish and shiny look for a prolonged time. Fortunately, most Urethane bowling balls in our list feature an excellent finish and multiple colors. That means you have the available option of buying a superb bowling ball from them.

3. Durability and Quality of the Ball

Ensuring durability is one of the primary concerns, no matter which product you purchase. You mustn’t want a ball that doesn’t last for a long time or have a bad reputation for durability. However, the durability of the bowling ball depends on its quality exterior coating. The more quality the ball’s outer layer, the more durable it is. Conversely, the bowling ball with a lower quality easily breaks within a few times. That’s why, when it comes to purchasing a bowling ball, make sure the ball is durable. Pay some extra dollars to get a quality and durable bowling ball when it is needed.

4. Consider Ball Weight for a Perfect Hook

The potential weight of a bowling ball has to be 10% of your overall body’s weight. The excess or lower weight than 10% may leave you with a bad performance when hooking the ball. Surprisingly, most of the bowlers prefer bowling ball with 16 pounds. But the female bowler loves to play with a 14-pound weight ball. However, weight is not compulsory for you to choose from. To improve your game, you have to purchase a ball that perfectly matches your body’s overall weight. How do you know which ball will go with your overall weight? It’s effortless! Go to your nearest bowling ball store and try each ball one after one. Soon, you’ll understand which ball will be easy for you to lift.

5. Purchase a Ball that Offers Great Grip

It’s vital to hold the bowling ball firmly to create a good hit on the back end. The firm holding allows you to apply the secret technique while throwing the bowling ball. A Urethane bowling ball may come both with pre-drilled and without drilled conditions. You better purchase a customizable symmetrical core bowling ball to ensure the perfect grip. The symmetrical core allows you to drill the ball according to your requirement. However, drill the finger hole on the bowling ball following your finger’s measurements. Take an expert’s bowler’s suggestion when drilling the ball if it’s needed.

6. Hook Potential of the Urethane bowling

The hook potential will define whether the ball can bend sideways after throwing. The hook potential depends on flare potential and gyration radius ratings. A bowling ball can generally bend sideways with the 6-inch flare potential ratings or more than it. Possibly, that’s why the skilled player prefers this rating.

7. Types of the Coverstock

How will a bowling ball perform on the lane depending on its coverstock type? A bowling ball may come with plastic, polyester, Urethane, resin, or particles. If you’re a learner, the plastic and polyester bowling ball will be a far better option for you. Conversely, the expert bowler chooses the reactive resin ball for creating a hook in the game. But if you want to get a good option both for the beginner and expert, you should choose the urethane ball. Why? That’s because it’s the primary material for making reactive resin shells. And the reactive resin shells are famous for generating a solid hook on the bowling lane. However, the Urethane material effortlessly produces friction on the bowling lane with the hardness. Possibly, that’s why the Urethane bowling ball is preferable to play on the dry lane.

8. Price of the Ball

Eventually, there comes to consider the price of the bowling ball. Considering the price factors doesn’t mean limiting your choice on some specific bowling ball. In contrast, making a budget will assist in lessening your additional expenses and getting the quality ball. The allocation of the ball will be dictated based on your skill level. If you’re an expert bowler, you’ve to spend more on the hook creating a ball. Conversely, the ball with a lower hook will be a good choice for the starter bowler. So, the quality of the bowling ball also determines the price range of a purchaser. If you’re a professional bowler, you’ll need a better quality ball that can generate good hooks. Inversely, you can choose the regular ball, which creates a straight shot.

Urethane Bowling Balls Vs. Reactive Resin

The urethane and reactive resin bowling balls are popular with the bowling player. But due to some specific differences, the urethane ball is more popular than the reactive resin. Notably, for the beginner, the ball is the superior choice. First of all, the urethane bowling ball provides the Urethane coverstock. Conversely, the reactive resin bowling ball provides reactive resin coverstock. The coverstock is more durable than reactive resin and plastic. The coverstock is less stable than the Urethane. Produces a higher amount of friction and hook potential than the plastic coverstock. Creates a more incredible amount of friction and hook potential. Comparatively easy to control and maintain the same speed and ball motion level. Difficult to control. But the spare ball offers greater control once you gain it. The urethane bowling ball offers better performance in dry lane conditions. The reactive bowling ball is sensitive to the lane condition. It’s a suitable choice for beginner and intermediate bowling players. It’s the best choice for medium and professional bowling players. It offers a lower number of hooks after throwing. You have to hit the pin straight with the ball. The reactive resin ball provides a tremendous number of hooks.


1. How Long Do Urethane Bowling Balls Last?

Ans: A Urethane bowling ball may last 5 to 10 years if you choose the quality one. The durability of a bowling ball depends on its proper care and maintenance. A bowling ball can last up to 10 years with the proper effectiveness and reliability. For that, you have to clean and maintain the ball on time.

2. When Should I Switch to Urethane Balls?

Ans: The lifespan of the Urethane bowling ball is up to 5 to 10 years. It’s the maximum reliable durability for a quality ball. If you want to continue your better performance, you better switch the bowling ball within this time.

3. How to Clean a Urethane Bowling Ball?

Ans: Cleaning the bowling ball before individual throws is beneficial and vital. Keep a lint-free rag always with your ball. Clean the ball each time before throwing it to the hook. You can use the rubbing alcohol to moisture your Urethane ball after bowling. Just soak the clean rag into the drink and wipe away the debris from the ball.

4. Why Are Urethane Bowling Balls Suitable for Beginners?

Ans: The urethane bowling ball features better predictable, balanced control with versatility. Besides, it doesn’t create excessive hooks similar to reactive resin. Consequently, it goes through the lane straight and assists the beginner in making the point. These are why Urethane bowling balls are more suitable for beginners.


Eventually, a urethane bowling ball is a high-performing bowling ball with a beautiful look, color variations, and potential hook. But if you use multiple hook options to make the strike, you perhaps don’t like the bowling ball. The ball creates straight and strong hooks, which makes it the best choice for beginners and intermediates. With the versatile options, it’s not rare that most bowlers fail to choose the best urethane bowling ball. Hopefully, our ultimate suggestion will make the path more manageable for you to choose the right bowling ball.