Best Pearl Bowling Balls

Are you searching for the perfect peal bowling ball for you among so many brands? Many bowling ball manufacturers have myriads of solid, pearl, and hybrid bowling balls. And all these balls are focused on appealing to the diverse need of bowlers. And enriched their game quality. Are you looking for a bowling ball for tournaments? Or are you just starting out and want to have your first pearl bowling ball? Maybe you are a casual bowler who just wants to have great back-end control and comfort. Let’s discuss the best pearl bowling balls and find the right one for you.

Best Pearl Bowling Balls

15 Best Pearl Bowling Balls 2023

1. 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball

This ball is from the brand 900 Global. It is their Zen Bowling ball which has a pearl cover stock. To be more precise, the cover stock is S77R Pearl. The ball rolls smoothly on medium to heavy-oiled lanes. The core is a symmetric monster meditate core. This ball has the biggest core of any other bowling ball of this brand. The core ensures hitting power and consistent reaction. The ball comes with different options in weight, so you will surely find one that fits your preference. Moreover, it is not pre-drilled. Both left and right-hand bowlers can drill the ball according to their needs.


  • The cover stock makes smooth transitions
  • Massive, symmetric core
  • Different sizes available


  • It can be too strong for some bowlers

2. 900 Global Burner Pearl

Another great bowling ball from the brand 900 Global. This one is their Burner Pearl bowling ball. This is suitable for light to medium oil lanes. It has S62 pearl cover stock, which works incredibly well on synthetic lanes. The core is Centroid symmetric core. It is 900 Global’s new core that is created with its latest technology. This ball has high performance and hits the pins with immense power. The ball provides a smooth, consistent and reliable motion while bowling.


  • The ball is suitable for light to medium oil lanes
  • The core provides reliable motion
  • It has great hooking potential


  • More suitable for beginners, not professionals

3. Storm Hy-Road Pearl

The next bowling ball is from the brand Storm, and it is their Hy-Road bowling ball. This bowling ball is designed with Inverted Fe2 technology. It is more of a thick cover stock with no core. This unique feature makes it exceptional. This no-core bowling ball ensures that the highest power gain is at the end of the lane. It hits pins with incredible power. However, smoothly rolls throughout the beginning of the lane.


  • Smooth motion with power in the backend
  • Thicker cover stock ensures consistency
  • It has medium hooking potential


  • Not suitable for heavy oil lanes

4. Roto Grip RST X-2

This is a pearl reactive bowling ball from Roto Grip, and this ball is called RDT X-2. This is the perfect bowling ball for medium to heavy oil lanes. The core of this ball is the Roto Star core which is their signature core. This core provides a consistent motion while the intensity increases at the backend. This high-performance ball is 1500 grit polished. The outlook of the ball is amazing. The color of the ball is very vibrant, and it weighs 15 lbs.


  • It has solid mid-lane and strong backend motion
  • Perfect for medium to heavy lanes
  • The core is asymmetric


  • Does not have much-hooking potential

5. Storm Dark Code Bowling Ball

Storm makes some amazing bowling balls, and this one is no exception. It is their Dark Code bowling ball. You can get an idea of its aesthetic from its name. It is dark and moody. Apart from looks, it performs incredibly well in lanes. This ball offers the perfect combination of mid-lane roll and ending with a blast. These balls have a very lightweight RAD4 core which is also asymmetric. You can find multiple weight options for this ball; all perform equally well.


  • Amazing performance
  • Smoothly rolls in the mid lane
  • Power-ups during the backend
  • Perfect for medium to heavy oil lane


  • Prone to get damaged during shipping

6. Roto Grip Rubicon UC2

Rubicon UC2 is an outstanding bowling ball from Roto Grip, which is packed with the latest technologies. It has the latest eTrax pearlized cover stock. The outer look of it is very dark and moody. Moreover, the core is an asymmetric core. It has amazing balance, rolls smoothly, and finishes off with a strong hit. This performs mid-lane till the pocket. This is a perfect asymmetric ball that works similarly to symmetric balls.


  • Latest technology used for the cover stock
  • Roll smoothly on dry lanes
  • The core is asymmetric


  • Not suitable for heavy oil lanes

7. Roto Grip Rubicon UC3

Some innovative technologies have been used in this bowling ball from Roto Grip. It is a Rubicon bowling ball that is meant for medium to heavy-oiled lanes. Unlike other symmetrical bowling balls, it has an asymmetric Rondure core. This core helps smooth the motion of the ball throughout the entire lane. Apart from the unique core, the cover stock is made with eTrax technology. Moreover, this ball has incredible hooking potential even in dry lanes.


  • Latest technology used for the core
  • The ball has a consistent motion
  • Works well in most lanes
  • Great hooking potential


  • More suitable for advanced bowlers

8. Hammer Black Widow Ghost

Black Widow is the most popular line of bowling balls from Hammer. Ghost is their new addition. It surely lives up to the expectation of this famous line. The Ghost bowling ball is a white pearl version of the famous pink one. This aggressive, reactive pearl cover stock ball performs well in the backend of the lane. The core of this ball is a gas mask core, and it is asymmetric. You will get several options for weight. However, all the balls perform fantastically in hitting the balls in the pocket.


  • Excellent performance throughout the lane
  • It has a gas mask asymmetric core
  • Multiple weight options


  • The ball is prone to cracking

9. 900 Global Altered Reality

This one is a 1500 grit polished reactive pearl cover stock bowling ball from the brand 900 Global. The name of this specific ball is Altered Reality. Except for being asymmetric, it rolls incredibly smoothly like symmetric balls. The fascinating feature of this ball is its core. The Disturbance Asymmetric Core has 6 sides and an apex of 5 sides. This unique geometric shape ensures a smooth motion on medium to heavy-oiled lanes. With a larger core, the bowling ball provides more traction. Moreover, the cover stock with more pores absorbs oil and reacts in an outstanding manner. Although it exudes more power in the backend, it stays pretty strong in the front as well.


  • Rolls smoothly in spite of being asymmetric
  • Perform well in medium to heavy oil lanes
  • Unique geometric core


  • Not suitable for advanced bowlers

10. Roto Grip Hyped Pearl

If you enjoyed bowling with Roto Grip’s HP1 and HP3 and wished for something in between, then this HP2 is perfect for you. It has incredible motion, however, less than HP3. The symmetric core gives an overall ball motion. The pearl reactive cover stock works best in medium oil lanes. This ball reads the mid-lane correctly and gives you a nice pop at the breakpoint.


  • It is lightweight with a symmetric core
  • The ball has excellent motion
  • It has good hooking power


  • It is only suitable for medium oil lanes

11. 900 Global Wolverine

Among all the balls 900 Global has to offer, Wolverine has the most backend power. It skids through the lane smoothly and hits the pins with immense power. It has medium to high flare potential. The Lecerate 2.0 core ensures that the ball draws the most power when it reaches the pocket. This is a great ball for various types of bowlers. Anyone can have great control over this ball, especially in medium oil conditions.


  • Incredibly powerful at the backend
  • Suitable for different bowlers
  • Great symmetric core


  • It is only suitable for medium oil lanes

12. Storm Axiom Pearl

Storm’s Axiom Pearl is the better version of Storm Axiom. It is cleaner than the original one. This has an orbital core that is symmetric. This ball has a smooth transition until the mid-lane. Afterward, it can speed up and break into the pocket. This pearl reactive cover stock bowling ball comes in a variety of colors and weights. Moreover, it has a peppermint fragrance. Its hooking power is tremendous, even after bowling for a long period.


  • It has multiple designs and weight option
  • Reads mid-lane perfectly
  • Excellent hooking power


  • Not suitable for beginners

13. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

This bowling ball is excellent for straight shooting or as a spare ball. It provides great balance and precision. The cover stock ensures that you get strike even if you are a beginner. This bowling ball has multiple options for weights and colors, and all are equally good. This ball is suited mostly for dry lanes. However, you can work up to light-medium lanes as well. This ball is extremely lightweight, and it is affordable too.


  • Lightweight and suitable for many bowlers
  • Great straight shooting ball
  • It hits pins with great force


  • It does not have hooking potential

14. Storm IQ Tour Emerald

This emerald-looking bowling ball is sure to attract bowlers. This is the IQ Tour from the brand Storm. This ball is suitable for all types of bowlers, from beginners to professionals. This pearl reactive cover stock rolls smoothly and gains speed as it proceeds to the pocket. For bowlers who prefer power when the ball reaches the breakpoint, this ball is ideal for them. Keep in mind that this ball has a minty fragrance to it.


  • Overall well, the performing ball
  • Gains power in the backend
  • Attractive looking with fragrance


  • It might need some practice to fully control it

15. Roto Grip RG163 14 Idol Pearl

Roto Grip Idol Pearl is a revamped version of the Idol core that was released back in 2018. This bowling ball is amazing for a variety of lanes. It is most suitable for medium to heavy oil lanes. This ball is ideal for those who bowl in different lanes. The core of this ball is a symmetric core that allows the ball to roll effortlessly. It starts powering up through the mid-lane and holds it as it hits the pins.


  • Symmetric core allows smooth motion
  • Great ball for different oil conditions
  • It has some hooking potential


  • The durability is not great

Things to Consider When Buying a Good Quality Pearl Bowling Ball

There are factors of your new bowling ball that are crucial for your performance on the bowling lanes. Here are a few factors you must check before buying a bowling ball.


The most important factor when choosing a bowling ball is weight. One of the best ways to choose the ball weight is to take 10% of your body weight in pounds. For example, settle for a ball in the range of 12-13 pounds if your weight is 120 pounds. This weight choice helps you to control the ball consistently without tiring yourself. Evaluate the weight you have chosen by having someone pass you the ball when stretching out your arm. A smart way to test the ball’s weight is by having someone pass the ball when you stretch your arm.

You can easily decide if the ball is too heavy for you this way. The ball pulls you off when you place it in your hands, it’s too heavy for you. If it’s light and hard to control, the ball is too light for you. If you are purchasing a ball for someone whose weight you don’t know, there’s a way to deduce a rough estimation by age. Bowling balls typically weigh between 6 to 16 pounds. 6 to 10 pounds balls are designed for children, whereas an average teenager or adult can use 11 to 14-pound balls. 15 to 16-pound balls are reserved for strong or heavy individuals.


Polyester, urethane, or reactive resin are the primary materials used to make the shell or cover stock of a bowling ball. These materials affect the surface texture, hardness, and oil absorption.


Polyester or plastic cover stock is well-known for its durability and is commonly found in beginner balls. The smooth surface has fewer pores than other cover stock materials, which gives low ball-lane friction and helps the ball to move fairly straight.


Urethane is found in beginners, intermediate, and professional balls because it is known for providing more friction between the lane and the ball. This shall make it easier to curve with a moderate hook potential. Although it’s a bit more costly than other cover stock options, it is a great choice for players who want to hit the pins from an angle. However, you lose some control over the ball when you get more friction. Maybe that’s why it is more popular with professionals than beginners.

Reactive Resin

Reactive resin balls are not cost-effective but hook very well, and they are prevalent in professional-grade bowling balls. They provide the most ball-lane friction and can be of three types: solid, pearl, and hybrid. The solid option gives an even rolling experience with a little more friction on oily lanes. The pearl reactive resin coverstock doesn’t show the same amount of reactiveness as the solid option. But It still helps the ball to hook more effectively. The hybrid option provides a combination of the benefits of solid and pearl cover stocks.


A bowling ball usually contains a pancake, symmetrical, or asymmetrical core, which plays a role in determining where you can drill finger holes.

Pancake Core

Pancake core balls are simpler to control down the lane with a little bit of technique. Their tendency to stay straight gives a smooth rolling experience, is ideal for beginners.

Symmetrical Core

This core is a little more advanced and is used in most bowling balls. Because it is more balanced, you get more even control.

Asymmetrical Core

Most people prefer asymmetrical core because of getting more even control. Some people like asymmetrical core because it helps them to create a more angular motion.

USBC Approved

You must buy a USBC-approved bowling ball to compete in a professional competition. Having a USBC approval means your ball is well balanced, and the weight of the ball is accurate. Take your ball to a bowling shop to check the necessary aspects if you are not sure whether USBC approves the ball.


Bowling balls are usually not pre-drilled, and you will need the holes to be drilled as per your specifications. You should get your bowling ball drilled at a bowling shop by professionals who understand the geometry of the ball and know how to take correct measurements


Final Word

Now, you know the factors to look for before buying bowling and have an idea about some of the best pearl bowling balls in the market. We hope our discussion helps you to decide which pearl bowling ball is right for you.