Best Bowling Wrist Support

Bowling puts much more pressure on your hand, especially on the wrist. It could leave an undesirable injury if you repeatedly throw a heavy ball. You may lose your bowling career also. That’s why you must need bowling wrist support and never compromise on it. Bowling gloves give you a better grip and provide essential support for your wrist. Also, you get the most out of your bowling routine. Here, we have picked some best options for you to choose from. We have also included detailed buying guidelines to select a good one for yourself. So, let’s check them out!

Best Bowling Wrist Support

Reviews of 7 Best Bowling Wrist Support in 2023

Below, you can see a list where some excellent bowling wrist braces specifications are described in detail. The buyers qualify them due to their resistance, comfort, or suitable materials.

1. Mongoose Wrist Band: Best Optimum Bowling Wrist Band

The first option on our list is from the well-known brand Mongoose. When your priority is maximum support, we can’t think of anything else. They are ultra-flexible, long, and wide fabric bands that will feel comfortable in your hands. Thanks to the bracing material makes it has a more comfortable surface. The closure is tied with elastic bands that secure it in position and, at the same time, stabilize the wrist. Also, two different braces come for the left and right hands. On the other hand, it has a synthetic material that absorbs moisture. So, you never have to deal with the sweat from your hands. Besides, they allow you to keep them in natural positions with your fingers extended. As a result, they increase the agility of grip and the level of wrist protection. The most important advantage of these bowling hand braces is that the model is generally tighter than others. This, for many people, represents more comfort and freedom of movement.


  • Excellent protection against calluses and blisters
  • Excellent protection against sweat and odors
  • They reduce the risk of slipping
  • The material that makes it up is synthetic
  • Suitable for both ‘lifting’ and ‘equalizing’


  • Not so well-built

2. Storm Wrist Positioner: Most Secure Fit Wrist Brace

We included the Storm C4 Wrist Positioner in our selection of the best wrist brace for bowling because of its ultra-secure fit. They come with integrated adjustable wristbands that offer superior support, avoiding double spending with other gloves on the market. Its Velcro strap allows you to adjust them to your liking. The pieces are manufactured with excellent quality materials. They improve the feeling when taking the bowling ball to lift and throw more weight. The pair ergonomically adapts to your hands, and its removable pads any contact. The piece is available in three sizes that guarantee an ideal fit for the size of your hand.


  • Easy cup and wrist adjustment with just the press
  • Ultra-secure fit with adjustable strap
  • Removable and washable pads
  • Good value for money
  • High-quality material


  • Bulky and a little heavy

3. Robby’s Coolmax Plus: Bowing Support for Right Hand

Here, we will find a pair of bowling wrist braces made with a great combination of Cool-Max Plus technology with more excellent materials. The synthetic fabric and microfiber help for a proper fit and good protection against heat. The palm area has anti-slip fabric and, they are easy to put on and take off thanks to its Velcro closure. They characterize by the comfort they offer as they are breathable. The gloves are available in black and from sizes S to XL. They are generally used to lift a bowling ball, hold and throw or any other type of activity in which you need to protect your hand. Also, they are outstanding alternative best wrist support for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The product stands out for its good price-quality ratio and support while lifting balls. It has different qualities that make it a lovely product compared to the competition. Best of all, it adapts to the needs of physical activities for both men and women.


  • Proper wrist support with the underlying metal
  • Robby’s Cool-Max Plus technology
  • It’s well thought design
  • Its breathable property
  • Its ergonomic character


  • Be careful with sizing since some users have complained about it

4. Kool Wrist Positioner: Maximum Coverage Bowling Gloves

It is one of the wrist devices for bowlers that most minimizes the risk of injury thanks to its design. It covers the entire palm and most of the wrist without losing the agility to mobilize it and execute grips with precision. The best of the pieces is that they are double-stitched, making them more durable. Also, it comes with three Velcro straps to fit better and more comfortably. Another advantage is they avoid the formation of calluses on the skin and the slipping of the balls. At the same time, you increase your hygiene. Because generally, the balls in the arena are clean despite being touched by any number of people.


  • Removable metal support for precise positioning
  • Comes in both left- and right-hand types
  • Premium quality breathable materials
  • Maximum coverage
  • Improved hygiene


  • Again, this pair has sizing issues; the medium ones are a little tighter

5. Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support

You’ve probably guessed why we have another Storm product on our list. You are right- they are irresistible. The unique thing about this bowling wrist support is its extra index finger covering. The design’s main objective is to improve axis rotation and protect the hand and wrist during demanding training. Both beginners and more advanced athletes appreciate this. The pieces come with durable fabric and mesh, ensuring a good grip while supporting the bowling balls. They absorb moisture, so sweat won’t be a problem while you work. In the same way, the gloves are resistant, of quality, and with a modern design with an index finger extension that makes it look very original.


  • Extended index finger support for axis rotation
  • Available in two sizes: medium and large
  • Precise adjustment with Velcro straps
  • Maximum comfort
  • Longer lasting


  • The Velcro bands should have been slightly stronger

6. Brunswick Bionic Wrist Positioner: Finest Metal Wrist Support

They are the favorite bowling wrist support brace for a hook for any bowling activity or simply lifting or handling things that could cause abrasions. Because of their maximum support, they are widely popular among bowlers, both newbies and advanced. Even if you already have an injury to your hand or wrist, this support will give you stability. With this wristband’s help, not only bowling, you can continue doing your daily activities. They have a lightning-blue aluminum construction that is flexible and adjustable. Thanks to the design, it is comfortable and easy to clean. It will be a good investment for an economical price, considering that they are pieces that vary in size to fit perfectly. Also, they have a perceptible quality when touched.


  • Very lightweight, thus no pressure on the wrist
  • The striking blue aluminum body
  • Super durable and robust
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Easy to clean


  • You may need to struggle a bit to put it on

7. Brunswick Shot Repeater: The Best Lightweight Wrist Support

The renowned sports accessories brand has designed ideal gloves for bowling. However, these gloves are so versatile that you can use them in the practice of different sports. The fit is a durable fabric and has reinforced seams with materials on the palm; they are also comfortable and resistant to lifting any weight or using machines. The quality received in the product for the cost paid is more than acceptable. This is why they are gloving what users have recommended. It is a durable pair with an ergonomic design that will make you feel connected with the bowling balls as you lift them. The size is unique, and its versatility allows it to adjust to any right- or left-hand size in the same way since the 3 wide straps are extraordinary.


  • Precise adjustment according to hand size
  • Metal supports for excellent positioning
  • Maximum support with an extended version
  • Comfortable and breathable materials


  • Nothing notable to say except the small size is tight for some people

Things to Consider When Buying a Bowling Wrist Support

As we mentioned before, there are several relevant aspects to consider before buying your new pair of bowling gloves. It is essential to find affordable ones that do not destroy our bank accounts. However, the truth is that we must also look at super crucial things such as

  • materials that provide good protection,
  • ventilation and comfort,
  • quality insulation for the most adverse conditions and
  • Even things like the grip or the freedom of movement that they give to your hands and fingers.

Next, we will evaluate them in depth:

1. Materials of the Wrist Protector

The first thing that, in our opinion, you should look for in bowling braces is the quality of the materials. If you are a bowler, you will know that neoprene, synthetic, or aluminum are the most reliable and best quality. That is why they are in high-end bowling gloves. Their advantages include their good durability, their high resistance, and of course, the support they offer to hands and fingers. However, aluminum is a material that is a little heavy. On the other hand, neoprene gets rusty over time. It must be regularly upheld so that it can last a little longer. And that is where new technologies and materials come in. Every day more braces are seen that also combine panels of synthetic materials. There is also some material with even better grip, support, and protection.

2. Protection Ability of the Wrist Support

Another essential aspect of any pair of bowling support is protection. Think that this type of braces will protect you from cuts, burns, and others. So, they must have a thick and resistant layer that guarantees your hands and fingers adequate protection. The cheapest option is never carried away simply because of the price, belittling the quality of protection offered. Remember that money pays off. But your hands and fingers’ health is too delicate to entrust any poor-quality pair of gloves.

3. How Much Durability and Grip It Provides

Wearing bowling support is an activity that can generate tremendous wear and tear on these products. This is mainly due to the high weights they support and the constant friction and sweating they must resist. In this sense, check the materials well, metal, neoprene, or nylon. As we said before, the most durable are usually the first two. The grip offered must be firm and very stable. One of the fundamental reasons we use wrist braces is to prevent the balls from moving accidentally. It can cause painful blows and injuries.

4. Flexibility and Breathability of The Wrist Support

They have to be comfortable to wear and allow good freedom of movement. But they also have to be breathable, so your hands don’t sweat excessively. This will even help the product last longer.

Bowling Wrist Support

5. Padding and Wrist Support Liner Facility

The padding is essential to avoid the impacts and the weight of the balls that tire you more than necessary. Support on the wrist liner is also important to prevent accidental slipping.

6. Ease of Movement

We have previously discussed this subject, but it is essential to dedicate a separate space. Remember that the great battle behind the design of each wrist brace we see is to offer a feeling of freedom. The movement should be similar to that of the freehand. But at the same time, it should give protection, with resistant materials and sound insulation.

7. Make Sure It Fits Well on You

Next, the most important thing is that the support braces fit nicely on your hand. Keep in mind the premise that you should feel as natural as possible, almost as if you have nothing in your hand. But since this is virtually impossible, you should look for a connection. When you have it on, you should hardly even realize it. It should give you the greatest freedom of movement and that you can feel your whole hand.

8. Pick A Comfort Wrist Support

Remember that your selection must consider the correct size and a wise choice of exterior materials the internal part is also essential. It is in direct contact with your skin. To do this, look for materials that give you good breathability. Some even provide external design features made to provide more incredible ventilation.


Final Words

This is the end of our wrist support reviews. You’ve probably decided which one to get if you have come to this point. The best bowling wrist support can serve that purpose by being a good line of defense that prevents your hands from injury. It also corrects the position and your quality of play. Just remember to wash them weekly to prevent germs from building upon them. Also, before buying, we would like to recommend you go through all the customer reviews. They will give you a clear conception of products with firsthand experience.

Happy bowling!

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