Best Bowling Shoes

What often gets overshadowed in bowling is the importance of good bowling shoes. Most new bowlers prioritize it less. However, the shoe greatly influences the hand and feet coordination, without which it is it is impossible to throw the ball the way you want. By wearing good bowling shoes, you can drastically improve your bowling skills and discover your full potential. The difference will be evident as soon as you put on your first bowling shoe and go for a throw. You will see better motion, balance, and precision. Without the right shoes, you not only lose balance, but you can also slip, slide, fall, and get injured.

Best Bowling Shoes

Best Bowling Shoes Reviews

Different bowlers require different things from their perfect bowling shoes. Therefore, it is impossible to identify one shoe as the best bowling shoe. However, we tried our best to present you with a few different options based on a few criteria so that you can easily find out the one you need.

1. Best Bowling Shoes for Beginners| KR StrikeForce Flyer Mesh Shoes

The first one is our list is from the brand KR Strike Force. It is their Flyer mesh men’s shoes for bowling. It is a fantastic bowling shoe, especially for new bowlers.

Style and Sizes

The look of the shoes is quite standard, being black and grey in color. If you are avoiding flashy colors, you might like this one. Soes upper part is made of mesh material, and it is a lace-up shoe. The shoes are very lightweight, only about 3 pounds, and that is a contributing factor to being a good option for beginners. Additionally, this one comes in a lot of different sizes, starting from 6 to 15, and mostly fits true to size. Therefore, bowlers of different ages are more likely to find their preferred size.

Quality and Comfort

Undoubtedly, the quality of this shoe is incredible, which is why it is the first place on our list. The mesh top is breathable and flexible, making it comfortable while bowling for a long time. Apart from the comfortable mesh material, it is lined with additional cushioning where required and making it one of the most comfortable bowling shoes on the market.

Bowling Features and Performance

The sole is what makes or breaks the deal for normal shoes vs. bowling shoes. The outer sole of these Fly Mesh shoes is made of non-marking rubber. The outer sole provides good enough grip and balance so that you can ace your game. Moreover, the flexible technology of the outer sole makes the shoes slide just the right amount, not more, not any less.


  • The shoes are durable
  • It has non-marking rubber soles
  • The shoes provide a great balance
  • The mesh material is breathable
  • A great option for beginners
  • Fits true to size


  • Not enough slides for professionals
  • The insoles cannot be replaced

2. Best Bowling Shoes for Professionals| Dexter Men’s SST 8

Dexter has come with an outstanding collection of bowling shoes. Most of them are great, but the one that made our list is the men’s SST 8 Power Frame BOA bowling shoes.

Style and Sizes

The shoe comes in black and has a stylish appearance. The shoes have different elements and textures, which enhances the look of the shoes. It also has some hints of white and red in it. A cool feature of this shoe is its BOA Fit system disc lacing. You do not need to manually tie up the laces. It automatically fits perfectly using disc technology. With such features, the shoe surprisingly does not weigh that much. It is only about 4 pounds. Also, the shoes come in sizes from 7 to 10. So, the sizing option is a little disappointing.

Quality and Comfort

The shoe itself is comfortable to wear, even for a long time. The shoes have Power-Frame KPU over-mold upper design. It also has a leather toe drag protector. Having BOA fit system disc lacing makes it incredibly comfortable as it fits perfectly for anyone.

Bowling Features and Performance

The most amazing thing is the interchangeable sole of the shoes. This feature makes it suitable for right-handed and left-handed bowlers. You can change the soles and heels according to your preference. However, that by no means negatively impacts your bowling. This shoe provides the support, slide, and performance you need for casual bowling or tournaments.


  • Durable shoes for professional bowlers
  • Great for both left and right-handed bowlers
  • It has interchangeable soles
  • The disc lacing avoids lacing problems
  • Provides great balance
  • Fits true to size


  • The shoes do not come with extra sliding soles
  • Not suitable for beginner bowlers

3. Best Men’s Bowling Shoes| KR StrikeForce Aviator

Another great one from the brand KR Strike Force. This one is the Aviator, which is targeted at men bowlers. This is the perfect entry-level shoe for men.

Style and Sizes

These shoes look sophisticated, similar to running shoes. They are not too flashy, although they are colorful and vibrant. The Aviator shoes come in four different colors, black, blue, red, and grey. You can go for them any of these as all are aesthetically pleasant. The upper part is knitted material and has a beautiful textured pattern that adds to the look of the shoes. The shoe offers quite a lot of options for sizing. The starting size of these particular shoes is 7, and they go up to 14.

Quality and Comfort

The shoe is a super light one and cushioned almost all the way around, making it ridiculously comfortable. This is a huge plus for new bowlers, as it is difficult to perform well if you feel burdened. The entire upper part is mesh material and one piece. The shoe is breathable and can be easily worn for a longer period of time. Although it is a lace-up shoe, the padded tongue makes it very comfortable. Moreover, the sole of the shoe is a non-marking rubber sole which is also incredibly comfortable to wear.

Bowling Features and Performance

The sole of the shoe provides slide as well as balance. To ensure the best combination of slide and flexibility, Flexslide technology has been used. It is ideal for those who want to improve their hand and foot coordination in bowling. However, you might find it difficult to slide with these shoes while bowling. You need to break into these shoes and get used to the gripping situation to get the optimum outcome from it. Being lightweight gives added advantage when you are bowling. Moreover, the upper mesh material and thick white rubber sole make the shoes durable.


  • Breathable material and comfortable
  • Provides great slides for beginners
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • The shoes are durable


  • Runs narrower than standard shoe sizes
  • Requires breaking in and practice
  • Only for right-handed bowlers

4. Best Women’s Bowling Shoes| KR StrikeForce Maui

We cannot get away without having at least one option for women who are bowling enthusiasts. Although most bowling shoes are either for men or unisex, this one is one of the best women’s bowling shoes.

Style and Sizes

The Maui shoe is more like the women’s version of the KR StrikeForce Aviator for men. The look of this one is kind of like a running shoe. It is quite standard looking and comes in grey and black in color. The upper material is knitted mesh, and the look certainly extrudes a mesh vibe. The shoe is minimalistic with not any flashy color or design. The shoe has a standard lace-up system for closure. Being a women’s shoe, surely the sizing is different from the other Strike Force shoes. These shoes’ sizing starts from 4, and you can find them up to size 11. However, the sizing of this shoe is inconsistent.  

Quality and Comfort

As we mentioned earlier, the entire upper part is made of a mesh material that is lightweight and breathable. The shoe itself is incredibly comfortable. It is 40% lighter than any similar rubber shoes, which makes it stand out in the comfort section. The shoe is cushioned and hugs your feet comfortably.

Bowling Features and Performance

These shoes are so lightweight that you feel like you are bare feet. The sole of these shoes also has Flexslide technology, which means it has a white microfiber slide pad as soles, similar to the Aviator. This also indicates that the sliding might be tricky in the beginning due to the high gripping of the sole. With time, you will get hold of the sliding feature and can get the best use out of it.


  • The heel pod is higher for more support
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable
  • A great option for women bowlers
  • Exceptionally comfortable shoes


  • Sizing can be inconsistent
  • Sliding could be an issue
  • No tongue for flexibility

5. Best Bowling Shoes for Wide Feet| BSI Men’s Basic #521

Next on our list is the best bowling shoes for men who have wide feet. However, many women bowlers have also tried this shoe and love it. It is from the brand BSI, and it is their #521 bowling shoe.

Style and Sizes

The shoe is a standard sneaker-looking one. It is plain black in color and does not have many extravagant elements to it. If you are looking for a minimalistic look, then you will like this one. You will see there is BSI written in bold white embroidery. Other than that, the shoe looks pretty standard. The shoes run a little bigger to provide enough space for wide feet bowlers. However, you can size up half a size for some extra comfort. You can find sizes of these shoes between size 6 to size 15.

Quality and Comfort

You will surely understand the ball is made of high-quality materials whenever you hold the shoes and wear them. Shoes upper part is made of leather and other materials, making it durable. The leather parts are nicely sown. The lace-up is also very comfortable with a tongue. For wide feet bowlers, comfort is the key. This shoe ensures comfort while being an amazing bowling shoe.

Bowling Features and Performance

The bowling shoe has everything you can ask from a good bowling shoe. The shoe is lightweight and provides comfort while bowling. The rubber sole works incredibly in bowling lanes. In addition to the rubber sole, you will get interchangeable microfiber soles that make the shoes suitable for both right-handed and left-handed bowlers. Moreover, you get extra sliding soles with the shoes so that you can use the shoe for a long time.


  • The slide pads are interchangeable
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • The look is minimalistic
  • It has a leather upper


  • Alternative for rental shoes, not for professionals
  • The shoes do not last long

6. Best Bowling Shoes with Interchangeable Soles| Pyramid Men’s HPX

This is an outstanding interchangeable bowling shoe. You can interchange both the slide and the heel of the shoes, and it performs incredibly well on lanes. The one we are talking about is from the brand Pyramid, and it is their very first interchangeable bowling shoe. We have to praise their fascinating job in acing the technology.

Style and Sizes

This one is a sleek-looking all-black shoe that surely looks very attractive. There are a few white or grey details here and there on the shoe. The shoe is a lace-up one and fits perfectly. Unfortunately, the sizing option for this amazing shoe is quite limited. You can get this shoe in sizes between 9 to 12.

Quality and Comfort

As the shoe is leather-made, is shoe is durable, comfortable, and breathable. The inside of the shoe is nicely cushioned where needed making it comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Moreover, the shoe is nicely designed to match the curves and contours of the feet. Also, you do not have to deal with discomfort prior to breaking in for long. The shoes are soft and need a minimal breaking-in period. The outer sole is made of polyurethane which makes the shoes incredibly flexible.

Bowling Features and Performance

It performs really well in any bowling alley. The flexible sole and curvatures of the shoe ensure great balance and flexibility. The slide and the heel can be interchanged, making it customizable to some extent. The shoe comes with quite a lot of features that you can miss and match to get the perfect combination for yourself. S8 white microfiber slide sole, TP3 rubber push-off sole, H-5 graduated rubber heel, and H-2 shark tooth heel are the additional parts that the shoe contains. These ensure optimum performance the way you want it. Moreover, it has an H-bar heel locking system to provide stability.


  • A high-performance shoe with advanced technology
  • Incredibly comfortable and well-built
  • Interchangeable slide and heel
  • The heel lock feature included
  • Flexible and durable sole


  • The shoe is only suitable for right-handed bowlers
  • Tends to run big

Bowling Shoes Buying Guide

You need to know all about bowling shoes to find the suitable one for you. Even after knowing everything and choosing a shoe accordingly, the shoes might not meet your expectations. However, we are about to discuss the features you must check while purchasing a good bowling shoe.

· Outsole

The outsole is probably the most important feature of bowling shoes. The outsole ensures slide or traction of the shoe. The key difference between normal shoes and bowling shoes is the slide. Therefore, you want shoes with a sliding option. Otherwise, you cannot perform well while bowling as the shoes can hold you back.

· Insole

The insole is important for comfort. For good performance, shoes must be comfortable. You cannot perform your best unless you are comfortable during the game. To ensure comfort, you need a good insole. Sometimes, you might need to replace the insoles. Therefore, you should choose bowling shoes that offer the benefit of replacing insoles.

· Uppers

The uppers mean the upper body part of the shoes. Ideally, it needs to be made of a breathable material to ensure comfort. Breathable material is essential whether you are a recreational player or a pro. Also, in some cases, you will find leather in the upper, which is also durable and comfortable material. However, leather can also be used in addition to the mesh material.

· Heel

The heels play an important role in bowling as it works as a safety lock feature. The heel needs to be of good quality and have the potential to endure the force while bowling. Unless the heel has a strong grip, you might slide to the foul line and lose the game. Some manufacturers offer interchangeable heels so that you get even further flexibility.

· Weight

Being overweight will be an issue if you are a new bowler or do not feel comfortable with heavy shoes. Lightweight shoes surely feel better while bowling compared to heavier shoes. Therefore, you can look for lighter shoes while choosing the right bowling shoes.

· Design

The design is not just about aesthetics. Surely looking good can be a criterion. However, the design of a shoe also ensures that it has the right curvature or contour in the right area, good arch support, lacing system, etc.

· Durability

Whatever you purchase, you want it to be durable. Choosing a bowling shoe made of good material can ensure durability to some extent. However, the durability also depends on how often you play and how to take care of the shoe afterward.


1. What Are the Benefits of Wearing Bowling Shoes?

Bowling shoes are made for bowling and provide the features a bowler needs. While bowling, you will need some sliding motion to bowl properly. Normal shoes will not slide on the lane and do not have stop safety. Moreover, normal shoes can damage the lane of the bowling alley.

2. Why Do You Have to Wear Bowling Shoes When You Go to A Bowling Alley?

Normal shoes stick to the lanes and do not provide any sliding motion. Therefore, normal shoes are not appropriate for bowling. Moreover, bowling shoes are also made in such a way that they protect the lanes from damage.
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3. Can You Turn Regular Shoes into Bowling Shoes?

You can. It can be done by replacing the outer sole with a bowling sole. However, perfecting the job can be challenging. Hence, you should consult a professional for the modification. Otherwise, you can custom-make your bowling shoe if the available ones on the market do not fit.

4. When Should I Replace My Bowling Shoes?

When the shoes start affecting your games, that’s when you should replace your bowling shoes. More precisely, when the sole does not provide enough slide or traction, you should change them. Also, if the shoe is falling apart or the upper portion is damaged, you should opt for a new one.

5. How to Get The Right Fit Bowling Shoes?

Bowling shoes are mostly sized the same as your standard shoes. However, different manufacturers can have slight variations in the sizing. Some brands can run smaller or bigger. You need to check the sizing chart in order to find the right fit for yourself.

6. Are bowling shoes matter?

You might think you’re playing with your normal sneakers. But your normal sneakers will stick to the lane and stop you suddenly, preventing you from making the proper sliding motion. Besides, they save you from getting hurt. You can move easily and stop smoothly with them. Besides being safe, it also protects the lane.


There is no alternative to wearing bowling shoes while bowling. If you want to bowl once or twice, then rental shoes are the best option. However, if you have intentions of bowling for a longer period of time or participating in tournaments, you must purchase a good bowling shoe.