Best Bowling Ball for Tweener

Once you proceed in the learning phase of bowling, you can dive into different bowling styles. Different styles require different specified bowling balls. If you think about tweener, any bowling ball will not do the trick. You will need an excellent ball with the perfect cover stock for tweener and a core that lets you do the magic.

Best Bowling Ball for Tweener

Reviews of 5 Best Bowling Balls for Tweener with Chart

Acing tweener can be crafty. This technique or style is one of two distinct styles. Therefore, it can be challenging to perfect. However, the difficulty can be eased a little with a good tweener bowling ball. With the right ball, this style is easier to learn and refine. Therefore, having the right bowling ball is essential. We have shared our top five picks for the best bowling ball for a tweener. These balls offer what it takes to be an excellent tweener bowling ball.

1. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

The first bowling ball on our list is from Pyramid. This is their Path Rising bowling ball. You can choose this ball in different colors. All of the designs are quite attractive and have a shiny finish. The ball is exceptionally lightweight, 8.8 pounds, to be precise. This is a good weight for a tweener. Moreover, this ball can roll smoothly on medium to dry lanes with high-performance technology. It allows enough control to perfect a tweener. The core of the bowling ball is New Era 139.

The core ensures your ball gets a good motion despite lane conditions. Above that, with this core, you have various drilling options for your ball. No matter how you drill your ball, the core and balance remain the same and provide you with smooth motion as the core is symmetric. Moreover, the cover stock also dramatically influences the smooth motion as it is made of pearl reactive. The Path Rising ball ensures high performance and great value, whether a professional or an amateur. It is hard to find a high-performing bowling ball at a reasonable price.


  • Brand: Pyramid
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Cover Stock: Pearl Reactive
  • Core: New Era 139


  • High-performance technology allows different styles or techniques.
  • Symmetric, New Era 139 core allows different drilling options.
  • It comes in different attractive colors and designs.
  • The ball is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Helps to get good motion.


  • Longevity can be underwhelming.

2. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

The second bowling ball on our list is from the brand Storm. It is their Mix Urethane bowling ball. This ball is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced bowlers. Although this ball is meant to hit the pins straight, this can provide enough curve for the tweener. This high-performing ball gives the optimum benefit in different types of lanes. However, it performs the best in dry lanes. The highly polished urethane cover stock ensures to provide some hook while rolling.

In case you need to know, urethane is similar to plastic but is better than plastic, hence a better hook. The core of the bowling ball is a traditional 3-piece core. It is symmetric, and anyone can comfortably control and throw it. Moreover, you can drill holes according to your preference for maximum performance and control. Furthermore, it is a great spare ball. You can easily carry it around as well. This ball is incredibly lightweight. Also, it can add some color to your bowling ball collection. This ball comes in several different colors and designs, and all of them are equally attractive.


  • Brand: Storm
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Cover Stock: Pearl Urethane
  • Core: Traditional 3-piece core


  • The cover stock is similar to plastic but with a better hook.
  • It has symmetric core, suitable for anyone.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It comes in different colors and designs.


  • Not suitable for medium to heavy wet lanes.

3. Storm Hy Road Bowling Ball, 14-Pound

Another excellent bowling ball from the storm is their Hy-Road bowling ball. However, this one is a little heavier compared to the previous ones. If you are looking for a heavier option for tweener, then this bowling ball can be a good option. The hybrid cover stock of this ball is what makes it stand out from others. The storm has used its best technology to create this hybrid by combining two previous cover stock technology. It’s perfectly in line with the previous model and rolls wonderfully when cornering in the mid-range. Therefore, this Hy-Road bowling ball is impressive for a tweener. Another exceptional feature of the ball is the core. It has inverted Fe2 technology, which allows smooth transition and accuracy. The balance is perfect, and it has excellent control over the ball. This symmetric core makes it suitable for any bowler in medium to heavy lanes.


  • Brand: Storm
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Cover Stock: Hybrid Reactive
  • Core: Inverted Fe2 technology


  • Hybrid cover stock with advanced technology.
  • Works excellent in medium to heavy wet lanes.
  • It has symmetric and inverted Fe2 core.


  • It does not work on dry lanes.
  • The ball has a scent to it.

4. Storm Gravity Evolve 14lb

Yet another excellent bowling ball from the storm. This one is their Gravity Evolve ball which is 14 pounds in weight. Therefore, the ball has a look that will surely attract anyone. It has a hue of pink and orange. Similar to the looks, it is also scented like orange ambrosia. The core of the ball is the storm’s tried and tested core. The ball has the storm’s famous Shape-Lock High Density (HD) core, which proved its competence before and stayed strong. Therefore, this ball provides high performance in lanes. The ball gives you control, precision as well as power. It has enough power to ace a tweener. On the other hand, the solid reactive cover stock makes it ride smoothly on various lanes. It is modeled to work perfectly on medium to high oil lanes. The storm has developed its technology while creating this Gravity Evolve ball. It absorbs significantly less oil compared to its previous models.


  • Brand: Storm
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Cover Stock: Solid Reactive
  • Core: Shape-Lock High Density (HD) core


  • The cover stock works on various lanes.
  • It has a great core and performs well.
  • It absorbs less oil.


  • The ball is not unscented.
  • It takes a bit of practice to get used to it.

5. Brunswick UMotion 15lb, Deep Dark Purple

Lastly, the bowling ball in our top five picks is from the Brunswick brand. It is the U-Motion bowling ball. The ball has a unique look to it. If you are not interested in bright and colorful bowling balls, this one is for you. This is a deep purple, almost blackish-looking ball. If you are into moody-looking balls, this one will surely match your vibe. The ball weighs 15 pounds, and the cover stock is urethane. The ball rolls very smoothly in most lanes, especially dry to medium lanes.

After testing and improving the cover stock formula, Brunswick has found the best outcome that provides consistency and predictable ball motion. You can control the ball’s movement as your wish and hit the pins. This ball works wonders in tweener. Furthermore, the core of the ball is built with advanced technology. The core is DynamiCore which is a distinctive core innovation of Brunswick. This core provides power and precision while throwing the ball. Moreover, it increases the durability of the ball. You can also drill the ball according to your preference for more control and power.


  • Brand: Brunswick
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Cover Stock: Solid Urethane
  • Core: U-Motion


  • Urethane cover stock works excellent on dry to light lanes.
  • It provides excellent control, motion, and precision.
  • Advanced technology is used for the core.


  • It does not perform well in heavy oil lanes.
  • Not suitable for amateurs.

Is Bowling Tweener a Good Delivery Style?

There are several delivery styles when it comes to bowling. Tweener is one of the popular ones. It can be hard to master as it is more like an in-between style of two prominent styles. For that reason, this style can confuse your opponent too. So, if you do not want your opponent to understand which way you will roll your ball, you can go for the tweener. Before learning about tweeners, you need to understand stroker and cranker. When the bowler throws the ball in a somewhat straight motion to directly hit the pins, that is stroker. On the other hand, when the bowler throws the ball in a curvature-like motion, the ball spins, creates a curve on the lane, and hits the cranker pics. Now, tweener is in-between stroker and cranker.

In tweener, the ball does not go as straight as a stroker. Then again, it also does not create a sharp curve like a cranker. It is somewhat in between these two. Hence, the name tweener comes from like between. Therefore, mastering this complicated style can be challenging. However, once you get hold of a tweener, you will notice that you are getting impressive scores. This technique can be great for hitting the spare pins. Also, as we mentioned earlier, as it is an in-between style, it is hard to guess which style the ball will go, a stroker, s cranker, or a tweener. Keep in mind that this style can take some time to grasp. This is not a very beginner-friendly style. So, it would be best if you kept your patience in learning this style.

The Features You Should Consider into a Bowling Ball for Tweener

An essential thing in acing the critical style of tweener has the right bowling ball. Different bowling balls are made differently for different styles. A ball that is built for perfecting stroking will not perform well for a cranker. Therefore, choosing the right bowling ball for a tweener is essential. Below, we have discussed what you need to consider in a bowling ball for a tweener.

1. Cover Stock

Cover stock is essential for any style. Based on the cover stock, the smoothness, control, or precision varies in bowling balls. For tweeners, bowling balls with some grip. If the ball is too slick, it is more likely to slide and slow down, which is unexpected in tweener. For instance, plastic can be very slick with minimal to no grip. It will not perform well for a tweener. Cover stock like pearl reactive, urethane, or other hybrid material is preferable and performs better.

2. Core

The bowling ball’s core is fundamental as it determines the power and control of the throw. You can choose symmetric cores for tweeners as they provide better precision and power. Also, you can quickly learn with them. The core also influences the balance of the ball. If the core is not perfect, you might get underwhelming results.

3. Weight

The weight can vary for bowling balls. There is no exact answer while choosing the suitable weight for the ball. What weight to go for depends on several factors like the bowler, what style you want to strike, and lane type. Beginners or those who are not comfortable with heavy balls can surely choose from some lighter options. A misconception is that heavy ball means better. That is not true. Lighter balls can also ace a style or technique if it is suitable for that particular style and if you can accurately deliver the throw. Therefore, pick a weight that feels comfortable to you. The weight that gives you more control and power while you throw is what is the best weight for you. This knowledge might come with time and a few errors.

4. Bowling Ball Layout

As we have already mentioned, tweener is a slick style. Being in between two styles, mastering this style needs a ball that can precisely do what is expected. The ball goes straight almost till the midway in a tweener, creating a curve and eventually hitting the pins. While choosing the bowling ball for tweener, ensure that the ball has a bowling ball layout of 3 by 3/8 inches.

Final Words

Whether you are a newbie or a professional in bowling, you will get immense joy once you win a game. To win a game, you need to have the skills and the right tools. For bowling, the right tool is to have the right ball for different styles and lanes. You might need to use a stroker or tweener, depending on the pins. However, you need to understand and have the proper ball to use at the right time. Otherwise, you can lose the game.