Best Bowling Ball for Hook

Nowadays, everyone wants a ball that will give you the highest hook potential. Numerous bowling balls are available in the market. But we want to offer you the best one! So, how do you choose the best bowling ball for hook? The most important part of a bowling ball is its cover stock, friction, surface roughness, and weight distribution. So, you have to pay attention to them. Here in this article, we have selected some best quality balls and reviewed them in depth. We hope this article will support you find the best one that is most suitable for your specific style and needs.

Best Bowling Ball for Hook

Reviews of the 8 Best Bowling Ball for Hook in 2022

The cover stock and the ball weight block are two essential powers that enable a ball hook on the lane. Besides, several essential factors make a ball the unsurpassed hook bowling ball.

Let’s check out the reviews.

1. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Hook Ball

Many people love to get a monstrous performance when it comes to bowling balls. Fortunately, the pyramid path offers excellent monstrous performance, a great addition to bowling. It comes with polyester cover stock, is famous for its durability, and ensures excellent performance. Possibly, that’s why the pyramid path rising is known as the perfect bowling ball for hook beginners. The bowlers must have superb control over the ball to make the hook, notably when he’s a beginner. Luckily, the pancake weight block core, including the bowling ball, offers excellent controllability. However, the pyramid path rising bowling ball comes with a low price plus a versatile color option. So, if you’re a beginner bowling player, purchase the pyramid path rising beginner-friendly bowling ball.


  • The cover stock offers angular reaction
  • Durable and aesthetically beautiful
  • Superb control when throwing
  • Great entry-level bowling ball
  • Several colors option
  • Great affordable ball


  • Doesn’t give the highest number of hooks
  • Inappropriate for the heavy lane condition

2. Brunswick Highest Hook Potential Bowling Ball

The Brunswick is a perfect entry-level performing ball suitable for all bowling players. Regardless, if you’re a straight shooter, the ball can also be the ideal choice for you. This right ball comes with five attractive and eye-catching colors from which you can choose. That’s what will attract you first to the ball, and after that, you will enjoy its good performance. It’s a solid reactive resin bowling ball that runs smoothly in the lane’s light to medium or heavy oil conditions. With the R-16, the bowling ball offers a flawless balance between power and control. Undoubtedly, the Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is the most delicate bowling ball for Hooks; frankly, it’s a hook monster. Instead of offering a potential hook, you can get almost reasonable control over the ball. That’s why you must love this bowling ball.


  • Smooth actions on the light to medium oil conditions
  • Consistency on the medium to heavy oil conditions
  • Outstanding control and good performance
  • Includes customizing options for drilling
  • Five attractive and eye-catching color
  • Early hooks


  • Worse performance on a heavy oil lane condition
  • Offers the lowest hook in the Brunswick family
  • Not suitable for curving

3. Hammer Black Widow Legend

Do you want to get the hardest-hitting bowling ball? In that case, choose the black hammer window for you. Regardless, almost all the ball in the hammer industry is famous for being hard-hitting. Possibly that’s why the industry has been leading the bowling ball industry for almost three years. The black hammer window comes with a carbon fiber outer core. Because of the exterior condition, the ball dominates the bowling lane without any problems. However, the hammer black widow house ball comes with undrilled; it lets you customize holes on the bowling ball as your requirement. The bowling ball features an asymmetrical gas mask with a flare potential hook from the wild angle. Plus, the 100-grit finish facilitates the ball to roll smoothly on medium to heavy oil lane conditions.


  • Provides an impressive amount of hook bowling
  • Durable coverstock than most others
  • Hardest-hitting bowling ball
  • Offers necessary motion


  • Needs heavy oil on the lane to roll the ball smoothly
  • Have to be careful about cleaning

4. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

The Brunswick Tzone is a deep-space bowling ball with ten versatile colors and hooks potential. It is an inexpensive ball compared to most other hooking bowling balls. However, the drilling option and performance make the bowling ball one of the top choices for beginners and intermediates. The plastic cover stock makes such a more vital component of the bowling ball. Consequently, the ball can ensure maximum performance on the lane. If you’re a straight player, you will be amazed by the performance of the Brunswick Tzone deep space bowling ball. It comes with a high-gloss finish; that’s why it’s one of the best hooking bowling balls. The ball is not too heavy; hence you can handle it comfortably, even with a delicate and tiny hand. Still, the bowling ball suits best on the hand of monstrously big and tall people who have a firm hand.


  • An inexpensive ball with a comfortable feel
  • Durable plastic coverstock
  • Reasonably easy to handle
  • Lightweight bowling ball
  • Good ball for the price
  • Excellent hitting power


  •  Lacking of the actual reactivity
  • Doesn’t give such a remarkable performance on the heavy oil way

5. Brunswick Quantum Evo Ball

The Brunswick quantum evo is a Mexican-made right bowling ball, a fantastic option for the straight bowler. If you’re a straight player but want a powerful burst on the pin, this is the ball for you. With the unique ECA-XR Pearl coverstock, the Brunswick quantum evo offers the best hook potential. Plus, it provides the most potent hit on the pin. The reason is the coverstock that comes with 3.5 times more volume than the other balls. Simply, it’s an impressive bowling ball with an incredible reaction. However, you can hit the pocket excellently if you hook the ball through heavy oil conditions. The ball cannot create so much hook on the dry part of the lane. The bowler misses control of the ball when it goes into the dried-out lane.


  • Incredibly versatile ball
  • Durable ball includes
  • Stronger hitting power
  • Excellent coverstock
  • Extremely tough ball
  • Extremely high flare potential


  • Loss of control on a parched land
  • Gets dirty quickly

6. Pyramid Antidote Ball with Great Hook

The pyramid antidote is a solid bowling ball that offers the benchmark motion on the sapless lane. Whether you’re an advanced or beginner, the bowling ball can be your excellent collection. It facilitates the monstrous hook, enhancing your overall performance while throwing the bowling ball. The ball is of polyester coverstock, conversely named the plastic coverstock. And the polyester coverstock has a good reputation for durability. However, you don’t have to become a master of bowling with the pyramid antidote. The pancake weight block ensures excellent controllability over the bowling. Hence even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find hooking is easy with the bowling ball.


  • Various benefits at the low price
  • An ideal choice for the dry lane
  • Appropriate for all skill level
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Ten weight variants


  • Losses control on the heavy oil conditions

7. Motiv Trident Abyss Ball

The motiv trident abyss is an aggressive bowling ball with great angularity. We’re calling it the aggressive ball because of its reactive coverstock of the Coercion HV3. Because of the solid reactive resin, the Motiv Trident Abyss bowling ball becomes very porous and oil-friendly. Consequently, the bowling ball features massive hitting power, unlike the standard ball. If you inquire what bowling ball hooks the most, undoubtedly, you will consider it. That’s because the ball dominates the lane on the heavy oil pattern like a monster. Furthermore, the bowling ball comprises the 2000 Grit LSS box finish. Indeed, it’s the best finish that we have ever seen for the bowling ball with heavy hitting power.


  • Creates a hook without wasting excess energy
  • Aggressiveness without sacrificing the game
  • High-performing bowling ball
  • Awesome back and hook


  • Isn’t the appropriate ball for everyone
  • Too strong bowling ball

8. Brunswick Twist Hooking Ball

Ever got the perfect beginner-friendly bowling ball? Hopefully, there are many, and the number is still rising based on the demand. The Brunswick twist is one among those bowling balls, an excellent choice for experts and beginners. It comprises the R-16 coverstock, which lets the bowling ball create a medium hook in light oil conditions. Without disturbing, the bowling ball is controllable to all bowlers, from beginners to experts. The primary reason for the controllability is the bowling ball’s adjustable holes. By drilling the ball to your local pro shop, you can adjust your style. As a consequence, you don’t have to provide much concentration to adjust your finger into the ball’s hole. Instead, you can make the easy goals by concentrating on the center and the main point.


  • Good choice for the straight bowler
  • Controllable back-end reaction
  • Multi-style bowling ball
  • Adjust your style


  • Requires concentration for making hook

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Most Hooking Potential Bowling Ball

Hopefully, we know that Selecting the ball with perfect hook potential will immensely improve your bowling scores. Nevertheless, every bowling ball is not suitable for all types of bowlers. Based on the skill level of a bowler, the types of balls get differentiated. That’s why, considering your skill level, you have to choose the best ball for the hook. Let’s see what to consider for choosing the best bowling ball for a curve.

1. Select the Brand that Offers Quality Product

When picking a quality product, the first thing almost all of us think about is its brand. Needless to say, the branded bowling ball is a reliable option for both the beginner and the expert. That’s because the branded product has no possibility of losing performance. Hopefully, you’ll agree that the brand plays an essential role in proving a product’s efficiency.

The bowling ball’s coverstock determines how efficiently the ball can make a hook potential on the lane. Almost all bowling balls are made of polyester, urethane, or reactive resin. All of these are very durable and quality materials. The urethane and reactive resin ball suit the heavy oil bowling lane. Still, all of the three coverstocks are very famous for providing the hook potential. Before purchasing a bowling ball, check whether your selected ball is well on your lane or not.

3. Have a Look at the Bowling Ball Weights

The heaviness of a bowling ball plays a significant role in making a good score. It determines how efficiently you can make a shot. The more efficient the shot is, the more accurately you can make the point. Most hook bowling ball comes within 13 to 16 pounds of weight. Choose the right weight bowling ball among those based on your weight. Remember, the bowling ball’s ideal weight must be 10% of your overall weight.

4. Consider the Aesthetics of The Bowling Ball.

The maximum bowling ball on our list comes with a versatile color option. That’s what the customers want when choosing the bowling ball from a company. You will find the balls are made by the bowling ball sectors’ renowned companies if you search. That’s why they try the possible ways to satisfy their customers with versatile color options plus quality. Choosing the color ultimately depends on your wish; nevertheless, we recommend selecting the most appealing color and different from others.

5. Select a Good Finish of Bowling Ball

The smooth finish of the bowling ball affects a lot to enhance the hook potential of a bowling ball. If you’re learning to play, considering the bowling’s surface finish is crucial for you. Unfortunately, most bowling ball comes with the regular factory finish. If you’re a straight bowler, the finish is inappropriate for making a good performance with less effort. You will need a bowling ball with high gloss polish.

6. Think About the Customer’s Feedback and Reviews

As a buyer, you must want to ensure good value for the expense you make for a product. Fortunately, we are in an era where no information is available on the internet about each product. The reliable way of purchasing a bowling ball online is by checking the customer’s feedback. There are many reviews and recommendations of the customers about the bowling balls online. Online, you will also learn what is good and wrong about those balls. These recommendations and reviews will assist you in making any decision about a product quickly. So, when choosing a bowling ball, consider the good and bad things about it.

hook bowling ball


Q: Which Bowling Ball Hooks the Most?

Ans: The coverstock of the bowling ball, which is of the urethane component, hooks the most. Nevertheless, the reactive bowling ball is also better for creating a hook. And the polyester coverstock also nowadays is making a good reputation for creating potential flare hooks. If you want a bowling ball that hooks the most, choose the bowling ball that comprises this coverstock.

Q: Which Type of Balls do the Professional Bowlers Use?

Ans: Like determining the hook potential, coverstock is also essential to identify professional bowling balls. Typically, the hybrid and particle coverstock is appropriate for experienced bowlers. The weight of the expert bowler’s ball ranges from 14 to 16 pounds. But the women bowlers use the maximum 14-pound ball for bowling.

Q: What Is Hook Potential on The Bowling Balls?

Ans: Hook potential refers to the amount of hook a bowling ball creates when thrown into the lane. The score of the bowling ball also depends on its hook potential regardless of expertise.

Q: Is a Heavier Bowling Ball Better?

Ans: Most bowlers cannot perform well with the heavier ball. So, the maximum weight for a bowling ball shouldn’t be more than 16-pound. Still, some bowlers perform well with the heavier bowling ball. Perhaps, they know the secrets of a heavier ball’s hanging while throwing it to the hook.

Q. Can A Bowling Ball Lose Its Hook?

Ans: Yes, a bowling ball can lose its hook potential anytime. The main reasons behind a ball’s losing hook are the accumulation of dirt and debris. Clean the ball lightly before each. Oh, throw and deeply after a specific period to get back the hook. Use the special pads to clean the bowling ball. It will bring back the ball’s smoothness and, consequently, you can create a hook potential easily with the ball.

The Sum Up!

With our review, you already have ample options for choosing top-quality hooking balls for bowling. Read our buyer’s guide and consider the requirements when choosing the best bowling ball with hooks. A perfect bowling ball is essential for a straight bowler who has just started playing. If you are a bowler and want to score the best, you should have one of our reviewed bowling balls.

Thanks for being with us!