Best Bowling Ball Cleaner

Maintaining the quality of a bowling ball starts with proper cleaning techniques. Using the best bowling ball cleaner ensures the quality of the ball, and it will not crack. Since there are countless cleaners available in the market, it is challenging for you to choose the one that suits you best. For that reason, we have listed some products here based on their quality and product value. We have honestly reviewed them and added a detailed guide. So please read the product description and features below to know what to look for when buying a cleaner.

Best Bowling Ball Cleaner

Reviews of 6 Best Bowling Ball Cleaners

For each particular consistent through, you should maintain your bowling ball always. Since cleaning your bowling ball is crucial, you should buy the most suitable cleaner for your ball. Here, we picked some quality options for you and reviewed them honestly according to their performance. So, check them out!

1. Monster Tac

Monster Tack Cleaning Detergent is safe for all types of bowling ball coverstock. You can use this same cleaner if you have different bowling balls with other materials. It eliminates all the sticky substances, particles, and even oils that might be present on the surface of your ball. Since this ball cleaner bowling comes with its pad, it is easy to apply, and it will uniformly cover the bowl, leading to maximum elimination of the dirt on the ball. With the nozzle on top, you press, and the nozzle will release a significant quantity of the monster cleaner, making your ball super clean. Manufactured using the safest ingredients, it doesn’t rust the ball, ensuring a healthy bowling ball throughout the season. It doesn’t matter the level of dirtiness on your bowling ball; this cleaner can eliminate even the stubborn stains so you can get the best outcomes. Some bowling balls bear the marks of the belts when one is playing. Those marks can lead to the player hitting the wrong target. If you use this cleaner, it removes even the belt marks.


  • It provides some extra pad to apply the cleaner on the ball
  • It can remove even the belt lines that have contoured on the ball
  • A small amount of the cleaner is sufficient to clean all the dirt on the ball
  • It removes even stains and oils on the ball, thereby prolonging ball life
  • With the efficiency of the cleaner, you don’t need to use a lot of force to clean it


  • It’s a foam form in nature, so it dries up Quickly

2. Ultra Tac Up

It’s time to take your bowling ball cleaning to the next level. With this Ultra Tac up Bowling Ball Cleaner, you also get 7 Abralon Sanding Pads Resurfacing Kit. When you play the bowling ball, it gets some dents and some lines of scratches on it. There are Abralon sanding pads that help eliminate all these dents and scratches so that your ball becomes smooth on the surface. When the ball is not soft, even the directions will not be uniform, making you miss many targets now and then. You have seven pads to change from one to another. The cleaner is a 40oz bottle with a nozzle spray that allows you to spray your bowling ball and then use a pad to clean the dirt out of the ball surface. It can remove the oils and other debris on the ball, making it convenient for striking after the cleaning. If there are any belt marks on the ball, they are all polished, leaving the bowling ball smooth and easy to use. The cleaner removes even stains so your ball will look neat and appealing. If you use this cleaner regularly, it prolongs even the life of the bowling ball.


  • High an efficient cleaner, so even a tiny amount of it cleans a big ball.
  • It removes stains and oils on the surface of the ball and finger holes to make it accurate. So, this one is ideal for your ball maintenance.
  • You can resurface your bowling ball and make it accurate with the scratch pads. This gives you a react a shine.
  • The lines of belts on your bowling are not a challenging task to remove with this cleaner.
  • Since it has a nozzle spray, it is not easy to waste a lot of it on the ground.


  • The scratch pads are just seven which means they can’t last for long.

3. Reactive Bowling Balls Basic Kit

Having a bowling ball requires you to have all the cleaning products and equipment. This ensures you do regular cleaning so that the dirt doesn’t accumulate on your ball. In this kit, you get one 40oz Tac up unsurpassed bowling ball cleaners, one monster tac pad applicator, and one pad for drying the ball once you complete cleaning. The cleanser is perfect for ensuring your ball doesn’t contain any debris or oils on the surface. You need to spray the cleaner on the pad and then start polishing your ball surface. You will see the dirt detaching from your ball, making it as clean as new. Once you finish cleaning, you can then use the drying pad to eliminate any wetness from the ball. The type of dirtiness resting on your bowling; the cleaner is efficient. Since it is for all types of cover stock, you can clean any bowling ball. It doesn’t rust the bowling, so your ball remains in good condition, always making you enjoy excellent outcomes. You don’t need any supplementary detergents because this one is enough to clean all the dirt from your ball.


  • An excellent applicator to ensure cleaning is efficient and effective
  • The cleaner is highly effective so that a small quantity can clean the whole ball
  • It is meant for all the cover stock types so that you can use it on multiple bowling balls
  • There is a drying pad that ensures you remove excess wetness from the ball
  • The pads are of a convenient size which makes them fit any size of a bowling ball


  • You need several bottles if you have plenty of balls to clean
  • It doesn’t contain any resurfacing item

4. Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Spot Remover Spray Kit

Approved by the USBC, this is one of the most reliable cleaning kits you can ever have. You can eliminate the oil, scuff, and marks of the belt to improve bowling ball accuracy when playing. Professionals use this lane ghost cleaner because it doesn’t affect the ball’s toughness. Even if you use it several times, the ball quality will still be excellent. It cleans all types of cover stocks, so if you want to have some different bowling balls cleaned, ensure you use this cleaner. It doesn’t matter the size of dirt on your bowling ball; a small quantity of this cleaner can remove all the streaks. You get an 8oz cleaner that you can easily spray in the kit, making the cleaning process very easy. Just spray the cleaner on the towel, then start rubbing the ball using the towel. You will eliminate all the dirt and debris, making your ball appear super clean. You not only make the ball clean but also increase the ball’s longevity. With the spray form of application, you don’t waste a lot of the cleaner on the ground.


  • It comes with a towel so you can clean without wasting a lot of the cleaner
  • The spraying style of application enables you to target specific areas to clean
  • It can eliminate even ball markings to become accurate on the bowling lane.
  • You can use it on all types of bowling balls so you can clean a group of balls of different types
  • A small quantity is sufficient to eliminate all the debris from the ball


  • There is no drying part of the kit, so you will have to wait until it dries up
  • The lane ghost is only 8oz, so it is relatively small

5. Hammer Best Bowling Ball Cleaner

The USBC approves this cleaner, so it means it is safe for all kinds of bowling balls. The cleaner can remove the oils, debris, and belt mark, thereby increasing the preciseness of the bowling ball. When you use it, it improves ball motion, so the direction you throw the ball is the one that the ball will follow. This means you will not miss any chance because whatever you aim for will get. Always clean your ball after every play so that you don’t let debris accumulate on its surface. You will be able to enjoy excellent play and prolong the ball’s life. You apply only a tiny quantity, and it can clean all the dirt on the surface, leaving the ball good-looking. Make sure you get a cleaner pad to apply the cleaner perfectly. You will be required to dry it after you have cleaned it to remove the excess wetness on the bowling. The good thing is that the cleaner doesn’t affect the ball’s hardness, so even if you use it frequently, the ball quality will always remain the same.


  • A small amount of detergent can clean the whole ball without leaving any patches
  • It doesn’t affect the hardness of the ball so you can use it for a long time
  • The USBC approves it, so it cleans all types of bowling balls
  • It removes even the belt marks, thereby ensuring you have the best ball motion
  • It can remove oils, dust, and other kinds of debris so that you can rely on it


  • There is no applicator pad, so you will need to find one
  • So make sure you be careful not to waste the cleaner

6. Washable Giant Microfiber

This is a cleaner that comes with microfiber form. It can absorb all the dirt from the ball and remain efficient. After playing, take your ball and insert it into the curve-like clothing. Once you complete cleaning, you can remove your ball, and it will be good to use. It is fully washable because you don’t require any softener to become clean. The unique construction locks in dirt and oils so that the dirt doesn’t go back to the ball when you wipe. You can use it to store your ball if you want it to remain clean. This polisher is also suitable for those who want to be using their ball occasionally.


  • Very wide enough to accommodate the large bowling balls that there is in the market
  • Robust toughness makes it polish many balls without fading its efficiency
  • You don’t need any setup to use it, just put your ball in the hook and polish
  • It locks in dirt so that the dust doesn’t go back to the bowling ball
  • Since it is soft microfiber, it doesn’t ruin the ball in any way


  • It requires applying a lot of force to polish the ball appropriately
  • It does not dissolve all lane oil

Key Features to Consider When Buying

Buying a cleaner for your bowling ball could be confusing, especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are plenty of cleaning detergents for bowling balls, so you need to make sure you get the safest one. Some of these cleaning detergents penetrate the bowling ball’s material, making it soft and hard, which is not good at all. To ensure you get the most helpful bowling ball cleaner, here is a good guide that you can follow.

1. Ensure the USBC Approves It

USBC (United States Bowling Congress) is one of the most trusted professionals that can certify the safety of a cleaner. When the USBC approves it, it is clear that it doesn’t ruin the bowling ball surface. Buying a cleaner that USBC does not endorse is a risk because you never know whether it is safe or not. Just check on the product’s description, and you will know whether or not USBC approves it.

2. Can This Cleaner Be Used for Different Types of Bowling Ball?

You wouldn’t like to buy a bowling ball cleaner that cleans only one type of ball. The best one is the one that can clean various kinds of balls without reducing the quality of cover stock. To know this feature, just read the manufacturer description. Any cleaner that ruins the cover stock reduces the ball’s longevity and makes it inaccurate when playing the game. If you get a bowling ball cleaner cleaning plenty of balls, you even save money because you will not need to use several types of cleaners.

3. The cleaner Must-Have Accessories

Buying a cleaner without its application accessories is not a good idea. There is usually a pad that you use to apply the cleaner, and there is also a drying cloth that you can use to dry the ball after you complete cleaning it. After removing the oils and debris, you use the drying clothing to eliminate the excess moisture. A good cleaner must erase even the belt marks on the ball.


There are several questions that people ask approximately about bowling ball cleaners. Here are some of those questions and their respective answers.

1. Does Rubbing Alcohol Damage Bowling Ball?

No, it doesn’t. But if you apply alcohol to the ball directly for a long time, it dries up and becomes brittle, making the ball prone to cracks. You even make it more fragile because the alcohol diminishes the quality of the cover stock. So, if you want to use alcohol instead of reactive resin or reacta foam, make a cleaning solution at home. Take a spray bottle and add some alcohol and simple green in the same quantity. This cleaning product is much more suitable for deep cleaning your reactive ball.

2. How Can I Remove Oil from The Bowling Ball?

Put the bowling ball in water and spin it usually three times. Leave it there in the water for like 20 minutes and bring it out. Dry it while checking the oil patches with a microfiber fabric until they are all out of the surface. Don’t use hot water or detergents because they could degrade the cover stock.

3. How to Bleed a Bowling Ball?

Bleeding a bowling ball is how you remove a lot of grease or oils from its surface. You can dip it in hot water several times and then wipe it with a microfiber cloth, or you can use a heater. Keep it close to a heater so that you remove all the oils and grease on it. You will make it grip your hand nicely for better play.

4. How Often Should I wash My Bowling Ball?

After every game, you should clean it regularly to avoid the dirt piling on your bowling ball. Leave the dirt makes the ball inaccurate, so make sure you make it a habit to clean a bowling ball now and then.

5. What Can be Used Instead of a Bowling Ball Cleaner?

If you don’t have a bowling ball cleaner, you risk the ball cracking. Just use plain water and clean it efficiently. Using isopropyl has been the core way for many people, but the truth is that it ruins bowling balls after some time. Make sure you don’t use alcohol all time, instead use warm water.

Final Word

Bowling ball cleaners are relevant because they keep the ball clean and increase the longevity of your ball. You don’t use a lot of effort to clean the ball because all you need to do is apply and wipe the ball using a microfiber cloth to enjoy excellent outcomes. Using a USBC-approved cleaner guarantees the body’s safety and maximum efficiency. Remember that cleaning solutions don’t resurface the bowling ball, so you will need to have resurfacing pads. Make it a habit to continuously clean your bowling ball if you want the best outcomes.