Best 4 Ball Bowling Bag

If you decided to play bowling ball regularly. You’ll need a bowling bag for carrying your accessories accordingly. Are you going to buy your first bowling bag? What kind of bowling bag do you want? Various bowling bags can carry bowling balls and essential bowling accessories. 4 ball bowling bags can be an excellent choice for you, even if you are a beginner. You can have four bowling balls & bowling shoes in these bowling bags, and there’s so much space to carry other accessories. Throughout this article, we will show you the current Best 4 Ball Bowling Bag and what to consider before buying one for you. Let’s find out.

Best 4 Ball Bowling Bag

Top Rated 4 Ball Bowling Bag Reviews 2023

1. Case Club Heavy Duty Waterproof Bowling Ball Bag

This is one of the best bowling bags in the market. You can keep 4 bowling balls, and there’s a lot of space for shoes, tape, wrist brace, towels, grip sack, and more. Its heavy-duty case is waterproof. Also, its airtight case is equalized for maximum protection. Its foam insert is made of military-grade polyethylene. It is easy to clean this material. Also, this long-lasting foam insert will keep your bowling balls intact within the case, even in any sudden hard impacts. This bag has a tote wheel and extension handle, enabling easy transport. Also, there are padlock holes for extra security. Besides, its straps contain thicker fabric to keep your shoulders comfortable when dealing with the stress of a heavy load.


  • It has lots of compartments
  • The bag has a foam ball holder
  • It absorbs and locks in dirt
  • Wipe cleaning is possible
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Its thin plastic handle is not suitable for long-term use
  • It’s a bit heavier than other bowling bags

2. Creating the Difference 4 Ball Roller Tote

This lightweight bag has a sleek design of a traditional style 3-ball roller tote, with the extra feature of adding two bowling balls. The stitching is improved with a more durable 1680D/ PVC material. Also, there’s a pull-out handle that included easing transport. There are rugged, heavy-duty wheels to enjoy moving on any terrain. The additional attached ball bag utilizes straps for attachment, making the backpack more secure. It is strategically kept in between two balls below as well. Combining these items ensures the top ball is safe and secure when the bag is moved.


  • There’s so much space in this bag that anyone can carry the accessories of multiple bowlers
  • Its locking handle retracts super easily
  • Wheels can be used if one feels weighted


  • The bag can be a little bit off-balance and off-kilter if there’s heavyweight inside of it.
  • The bag may be a little bit too tall overall for some shorter bowlers.

3. KAZE SPORTS 4 Ball Bowling Roller

The most attractive aspect of this bag is the extra-large wheel of 5 inches and the super-strong construction of 1680D nylon fabric. It features a retractable square locking handle. This retractable can be expanded up to 41.5 inches. The PU polyurethane wheels with bearing ensure a smooth and easy ride. The bag has a total of 6 pockets — 1 vented compartment, which can contain up to size 15 men’s shoes. While most bowling bags in the market have 600 denier polyester fabric, the Kaze Sports 4 Ball Roller is made of 1680D with reinforced stitching and zippers. You’ll find a dozen available color schemes. The bag measures 32 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 21 inches deep.


  • It has tons of compartments
  • Its handle has got a good grip
  • Nylon fabric is straightforward to clean


  • Some bowlers think because of the height of the wheels, the bag tended to tip easier
  • Some bowlers think the extending handle was a little too short
  • It’s a bit pricey for some bowlers

4. Motiv Bowling 4 Bowling Ball Case Box Tote

Motiv brings a superb bowling ball with 1680D fabric. This case box is perfect for personal transportation and an excellent choice for beginners. This case box gives a 30-day limited MFR warranty. A large top window and a small side window are included for identification. The bottom edge of the bag contains durable plastic runners. Also, it has a reinforced handle which is very easy to pull around.


  • It has numerous and spacious compartments
  • Both the bag and handle are strong
  • The overall balance is satisfactory
  • It is very easy to pull around


  • The design is  simple and not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other bags in this article

5. Bowlerstore Products Aurora 4 Ball Soft Pack Bowling Bag- Royal/Black

This bag has a single-tote duffel-style look while having many color options. Several side pockets work great to keep the bowling accessories. It will be comfortable grabbing the bag, even if you are in a hurry. Having a 420 Dernier nylon construction, the Aurora bowling Bag is one of the most durable bags on this list. Its multiple pockets have more than enough storage to keep items like bowling gloves, positioners, rosin and grip bags, extra socks, bowling tape, etc. The shoe compartment can contain shoes up to men’s size 16.


  • This bag has ample room for all of your gear and supplies, shoes, accessories, and more
  • This bag is very durable
  • Easy to carry


  • Some users think the ball support is poor.
  • Strap quality is not satisfactory.

6. Epco BSI Roller Bowling Ball Bags – 4 Ball – Black & Red

This bag is an excellent option for any recreational bowler who wants something comfortable and simple. The nylon fabric of the bag is very easy to clean, and the shoulder strap makes lifting easy and comfortable. The Epco BSI Roller Bowling Bag has two large zippered pockets that can contain up to size 15 shoes. The bag has a removable foam ball holder to protect the ball when the bag is kept on the ground. The bag has enough room to carry a wide variety of gear and personal effects.


  • The bag is versatile with its features.
  • It has large-zipped compartments.
  • It is budget-friendly.


  • Some users complain about the bag’s support issues.
  • It is not great with heavier bowling balls.

Which Bowling Bag Is Perfect for Beginners?

When you first come to any sector, you cannot understand everything. So as a newbie you have to understand a little. There are many good brands of bowling bags for beginners. There are many good brands of bowling bags for beginners. A beginner bowler doesn’t need more than a 4-ball and doesn’t need any bowling accessories. So, the bowling bag’s main buying factor will be the fabric, interior foaming, shackle, and ample space. And there are more than a few brands out there to fulfill these necessities.

Comparison Between 4 Ball Bowling Bag vs. 2 Ball Bowling Bag vs. 1 ball Bowling Bag

The main comparison lies in their respective names; their ability to carry bowling balls. 4-ball bowling bags tend to have more space for accessories than the others. Also, suppose you compare prices on the basis of per bowling ball carrying criteria. In that case, a 4-ball bowling bag is more economical than the others. However, if you don’t need to carry multiple balls or if you’re starting out, a 2-ball or 1-ball bowling bag might be a good choice for you.

Buyer’s Guide to Find the Right 4-Ball Bowling Ball Bag

When we think about a bowling ball, a round shape comes to mind. This round shape can easily be distorted by a slight force. A distorted bowling ball is not suitable for bowling lance. Thus, keeping these balls away from distorting troops is very important. And these distorting forces are likely to appear while carrying them. That’s why you should buy a high-quality bag that can absorb impacts while keeping the ball in good condition. But you won’t see this trait in every kind of bowling bag in the market. There are specific features to focus on while purchasing the bag if you want to have an easy time carrying your bowling balls in the next competition.

When we think about a bowling ball, a round shape comes to mind. This round shape can easily be distorted by a slight force. A distorted bowling ball is not suitable for bowling lance. Thus, keeping these balls away from distorting troops is very important. And these distorting forces are likely to appear while carrying them. That’s why you should buy a high-quality bag that can absorb impacts while keeping the ball in good condition. But you won’t see this trait in every kind of bowling bag in the market. There are specific features to focus on while purchasing the bag if you want to have an easy time carrying your bowling balls in the next competition.


When you hold a bowling bag in a shop, the first thing you should check is the bag’s material. The look of the fabric can give you a hint about the material. Your preferred bowling bag should be a high-strength material with additional high resistance to wear and tear to ensure durability and comfortability. We recommend the 600D polyester material, which is a better fabric than nylon.

Interior capacity

Interior capacity determines how many items you can carry. Interior capacity is crucial because this determines how many items you can carry. You can take all the accessories you need to the bowling lanes without hassles if your bowling bag has a large capacity. And you can easily find bowling bag that matches your capacity requirement as these bags have many sizes.


Pockets play a vital role in keeping neat and making it easier to organize your items. You can also keep regularly needed items such as car keys and handkerchiefs in the side pockets to grab them in any instance. But sometimes over pockets will confuse you and you may not remember what you put in which pockets in a hurry. Then you have to open all the pockets. however, before choosing a bowling ball try to find a bag with some pockets.


Almost all the bowling bags you’ll see have shoulder straps. These straps either have a fixed design or adjustable design to customize their height. Most people feel comfortable with a flexible strap design. Also, your comfort must have padded straps. With the extra padding in your shoulder, you can take heavy load impacts on your shoulder without having shoulder pain.

Bottom Design

The bottom design is very important for durability. It’s also important for your comfort if you want to carry the bag on your shoulder. You should check both the exterior and interior parts of the bag. First, the exterior needs to have density cushioning to absorb impacts while dropping the bag on a surface. The cushioning extends the longevity of the bag. Secondly, the bottom part should be able to hold the balls in a specific space in the interior region. The interior bottom design should look like a cup to contain the balls.


Some bowling bags also have handles with straps. In some cases, these handles come with a short design and cushioning. The purpose of these handles is to lift the load from the ground. If these handles fulfill your requirement, make sure the handle has a thick design. Also, you’ll see extendable handles which contain wheels to help in movement. If you’re looking for this kind of handle, don’t let the height of the handle compel you to flex your back while pulling it. In other words, the handle should be designed in such a way that lets you pull it without twisting your body.


If you decide to buy a bag with extendable handles, you should also look at the wheels’ structure. Wide-sized wheels are the best because they provide better stability. Also, check the wheels’ maneuverability, even in sharp turns.

Shoe storage

When you are finished bowling for the day, you have to put your dirty and dusty shoes in the bag. If the bag doesn’t contain a specific shoe storage space, you have no option but to place them with other equipment, which will make the equipment dirty. Your bowling bag must contain a separate compartment for your shoes. Also, these shoe areas may vary in size capabilities. For example, you may see some compartments can only contain 11-shoe size or below. And make sure the bag’s shoe compartment can fit in your shoes.

Single/Double/Multiple Bowling Ball Bags

A single bowling bag can only carry one bowling ball. These bags are lightweight, and that’s why these bags are recommended for kids. Double bowling bags are suggested for beginners and intermediate bowlers who improve their bowling skills. However, an expert always chooses a multiple-carrying bowling bag because he can carry both his spare practicing balls and bowling balls reserved for competition.


Please settle for a bag with all the essential factors while meeting your budget. Go through the list of bowling bags online and the shops nearby to find the most comfortable one for you. Nonetheless, you most probably find bowling bag’s price approximately ranges between $130 to $250. And you have a higher chance to find good quality bowling for over $150.

Bowling Bag Warranty

Usually, most bowling bags include a manufacturer warranty that ensures product coverage within 5 years of purchase. The manufacturer’s website must contain this information through registration. This can guarantee to keep the longevity of your product in case your product has any defective material. So, don’t forget the check the manufacturer’s website before purchasing the bowling bag. Must collect your warranty card from the seller. The verbal warranty isn’t valid.


Like some luggage, some bowling ball bags contain at least one lockable compartment to place your bowling ball. Other bowling bags have compartments to lock up your personal effects like wallets, keys, money clips, phones, etc. And go through plenty of reviews to understand the quality of these locks.


1. What Is the Use of A 4-Ball Bowling Bag?

The main purpose of a 4 ball bowling bag is easy storage and carrying up to four balls with an array of bowling accessories. Instead of carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder, its wheel lets you use it as a deluxe suitcase, wheeling easily on multiple surfaces. Any accessories a bowler may need are considered and applied in the 4-ball bowling bag to facilitate massive storage space for bowlers. Whatever a bowler needs to put in the bag, 4 ball bowling bags are ready to provide that space and safeguard the belongings.

2. What Is the Average Price of A 4-Ball Bowling Bag?

You’ll find much cheaper and low-quality options in the market. But for quality one, the price in the market ranges from $150 to $250. They are a pricey investment compared to other bowling accessories, that’s for sure. But their multifaceted nature and easy functionality make them worth the investment.

3. What Is the Best Material for A 4-Ball Bowling Bag?

Most of the high-quality bowling ball bags are made of different grades of 600-denier and 1680-denier fabric. The bowling ball bags have high-quality thread counts, making them extremely thick, durable, and sturdy for long-term use. These high thread counts are perfect for safeguarding your important bowling accessories.


Suppose you want the perfect balance of efficacy, ease, and durability while storing and carrying your bowling balls and bowling accessories. In that case, these 6 best 4-ball bowling bags will be able to fulfill your need. Don’t ram bowling balls and accessories into a jumbled bag that risks crashing together and getting damaged. Get the right bowling bag that you can easily carry, and we think from these 6 bowling bags, you can find the right one for you.